Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fantasy author Tracy Falbe in the Indie Spotlight

Have you ever written something, forgotten about it, and then surprised yourself when you read it later?

That just happened to me today at The Indie Spotlight. I submitted my first fantasy novel Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I for a feature at this site in October. Today I was finally the featured novel. I guess they have a long waiting list.

Anyway, I had forgotten what a candid interview I had written for this website. I don't think I have ever publicly admitted before to partying like a rock star in my youth, but that's what I told The Indie Spotlight. Is it true? Yes. Was I Keith Richards or Charlie Sheen? NOOOO! Am I glad there were no camera phones back then and the internet was barely in existence? Very, very glad.

What else did I say?

I offered some insights about my inspirations and writing process.

This is how I opened:
"I’ve been genuinely drawn to fiction writing since childhood. I even wrote two novels when I was a teenager, but eventually abandoned that amusement for a social life. I have never even looked at those novels. Imagine a virgin writing a love scene. Pass!"

Anyway, I grew up and wrote more fantasy novels and they are much more interesting than me, so go read my feature at the Indie Spotlight and decide if Union of Renegades should be on your reading list.