Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fantasy character profile: Dreibrand Veta from The Rys Chronicles

At the opening of my fantasy series, Dreibrand Veta is twenty three years old and he is a lieutenant to the Hordemaster General Kwan Chenomet. A son of the ancient noble Veta family of the Atrophane people, Dreibrand fights to regain the prestige and fortune of his family. The scandal caused by his grandfather's assassination of the Treasury Minister of the Atrophane Empire resulted in the Veta family being stripped of most of its wealth and estates. Dreibrand endures significant social stigma because of this scandal, but he hopes to earn new lands as the Atrophane Empire conquers its neighbors and enters a mysterious wilderness.

Dreibrand is an ambitious young man, and he is willing to fight, kill, and conquer to get what he wants. In a painful and shocking exchange between him and General Kwan, Dreibrand realizes that he is never going to earn the rewards for which he has fought so hard. In a fit of passionate anger, he decides that his ambitions require him to betray the Atrophane. This fateful decision will haunt him throughout the epic series but also open great opportunities. When he strikes out on his own, he encounters the rys, a rare super race whose powers can give any man all the wealth and power he could ever desire.

As the story progresses, Dreibrand finds love, learns to value family, and endures the great responsibilities of leadership after he founds a new kingdom.

Favorite quotes of Dreibrand Veta

To his lover, Miranda:
"I admit that not all things I do are good, but I will always do good by you. That I can promise."

In war council:
"I will crush them in a week. Two at most." His eyes smoldered with the potencies of his conviction. Dreibrand's pledge was no fanciful boast. He knew how to be a successful warmonger, and he remembered the burning cities and the conquered weighted by their chains. Dreibrand did not need to hate his enemy, only desire its destruction.

To General Kwan:
“To what end was your guidance supposed to take me?” Dreibrand asked bitterly. “So I could be sent on your official errands? So I could count slaves?”

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