Monday, March 28, 2011

Fantasy character profile: Kothar the Goblin King

Meet Kothar from the Goblin Market by Jennifer Hudock. From the dungeon he rises with black magic to claim the Goblin Throne, but where is his bride?
As a young soldier in the fae army, Kothar was commissioned against his better judgment to infiltrate the Goblin Kingdom as a spy. Despite his refusal to participate in what he deemed as folly, he was convinced when offered the hand of the king's niece. Captured and tormented by the goblins for years, the only thing that kept him alive was his dreams of his future bride, the princess Glylwythiel.

Biding his time in the dungeons, Kothar learns the black art of goblin magic from a fellow prisoner, King Thorpok's own brother. His confidence restored by his newfound power, Kothar challenges the goblin king to all or nothing duel. Exacting a forgotten death curse, he rises from the duel and claims the throne of the goblin kingdom.

Upon his throne, he sent word to the fae of his victory and asked them to send his bride. Wary of his newfound power, the fae king denied his request. Kothar's threats of invasion forced the king to disguise his niece as a human child and send her Upland and out of Kothar's reach. For centuries, Kothar searched for his bride, traveling the Upland countryside with The Goblin Market.

In the first chapter of The Goblin Market, Kothar has finally found her, human in essence, but as beautiful as ever, and he will do anything to have her. He kidnaps her human sister and draws her back Underground in a quest to save the girl.

Favorite Quotes from Kothar:

To Christina Drexler in The Goblin Market:

“I am Kothar,” pride lifted his sharp chin. “I am king.”

To Meredith:

“Remember in your darkest hour I would have given you anything.”

“So beautiful, so ambitious,” he sneered. “I simply implied that you would rule beside me as my queen, but never in my stead, or as my absolute equal.”

The Goblin Market, is currently available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords for just $0.99. For more information about Jennifer Hudock, including updates on upcoming fiction, including Jack in the Green, the much-anticipated sequel to The Goblin Market, visit her official website: The Inner Bean.

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