Saturday, March 5, 2011

Headlines this week: Star Trek's Uhura, Indie Writing plus an interview

I was excited to be published this week at The Discriminating Fangirl. I'm a born fangirl, but only recently became aware of the term fangirl. I submitted an article about Lieutenant Uhura of Star Trek and her relationship with Spock. Go read my article. Yes, there's going to be another Star Trek movie, probably next year.

Fangirl Favorite: Lieutenant Uhura of Star Trek past and present
I possess an enduring love of Star Trek. I have no memory of life without it. As a little girl in the 1970s I watched reruns of the Original Series with rapturous pleasure. What girl could fail to love its vision of social and gender equality? And to make it even better: It was in space! Keep reading...

My local newspaper website for the Battle Creek Enquirer accepts user-submitted articles about local news. I'd been trying to think of what to write for the Enquirer for a while and finally crafted a news article about the indie writer trend. So, in true indie writer style, I wrote a news article about myself, put my name on it, and sent it in.

Indie writer trend benefits Battle Creek author Tracy Falbe
Just like filmmaking and music before it, independent writing has gained legitimacy and an audience, especially among ebook readers. Large online companies like Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Google have embraced independent writers and given them space in a worldwide market. Keep reading...

Albert Rollins III of Free Book Reviews published an interview with me. Thanks for the exposure and for asking some cool questions.

Author Interview: Tracy Falbe, author of Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I

I might not have any more interviews or freshly published articles for a while. I think I'll spend a couple weeks super focusing on the novel I'm writing. I am on the fourth novel of a new fantasy series. I have three written, and I'm very excited to be closing in on creating another epic. Until then, all four novels of the complete series The Rys Chronicles are published and ready to read.

Download your free ebook copy of Union of Renegades.