Tuesday, March 15, 2011

An interview with independent comic creator Gerald Cooper

Genecy by Gerald Cooper on sale at Indyplanet.com
Every creative medium has its independent voices. The beloved medium of comics inspires many writers and artists, and just like novelists, musicians, and filmmakers, they don't necessarily wait around to be produced by another company.

On March 1st I wrote a review of Genecy by Gerald Cooper and today I am presenting an interview I did with Cooper who is working to produce his complete Genecy story.

1. Is Genecy the first comic you've written?

Genecy is the first comic that I've ever completed. I've written several scripts and still have them, but the team that I worked with wouldn't or couldn't pull through. Hopefully one day I can get those other visions realized.

2. What elements do you think make the comic medium so popular?

Cool question. For all of those people who can't or don't know how to come out with movies, what's the next best thing? LOL! It's the middle ground between novels and movies in my opinion. As well, when you have that physical comic in your hand you can always go back to it anytime that you choose to ... and marvel all over again. You can go to any page or any panel and experience it all over again.

3. How much of the Genecy storyline beyond issue #1 have you written?

I've completed the first 14 issues. Full scripts. It's just so amazing how the actual story unfurls. Wow!

4. Tell me about your kickstarter campaign to finance the production of Genecy #2.

Kickstarter is a pretty cool vehicle to get you to point B. I have to pay the pencil artist, the inker, the colorist, the letterer and the printer. Oh yeah I almost forgot to mention the mortgage, the gas and electricity, the water and gasoline is $3.50 per gallon. Oh yeah, an auto loan and I'm a parent. In my opinion, if everyone would just donate at least $5.00 we can do this with ease.

5. It must have been hard to find the right artist for your vision. How did you find your artistic team?

Well of course we had the amazing Eddy Barrows for the first issue. He later signed with DC Comics so we had to look for another artist. One who was just as powerful, one who was just as dramatic and amazing. We found that and so much more in the great Diego Bernard.

6. Have you done any promoting at comic conventions?

Comic book conventions to me are strictly for promoting when you're on our side of the fence. However, when I'm out there giving people our vision, I always look for that twinkle in the eye of the person in front of me ... to see that inner comic fan because if I find it, I gotcha!

7. Any additional comments?

When the story writes itself, the writer as well becomes a fan. Watch what happens in the second issue! WATCH! I'd end with saying 'Excelsior' but dad took that a long time ago. So instead I'll just say ... Let The Ride Divine Begin!
Comic readers can show their enthusiasm for Genecy and support Gerald Cooper's production of the comic series by backing his Kickstarter campaign.