Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sci fi comic review of Genecy by Gerald Cooper

Genecy by Gerald Cooper - An intense heroic sci fi comic saga begins
In a galaxy ruled by the Grunnod, Kaizaxx of planet Tanaan hangs in chains unaware of the epic fate that will soon consume him. In Genecy Issue #1 action immediately erupts. A ruinous escape attempt for Kaizaxx and his fellow prisoners results in massive slaughter. Forty thousand men die during a desperate space battle, and Kaizaxx is the only one to escape with his life because of an ancient relic referred to as a key that is shoved into his hands at the last moment.

Transported to a distant world Kaizaxx awakens in a desert. He barely has the will to live, but the mysterious key in his hand compels him onward until he reaches the mythic Dome of Raknirod. This long sought secret place of unimaginable power will test him greatly. With the power of the key, Kaizaxx discovers he can fight off the guardians of the dome, but then the demon Rathgar rises with his mighty horde. Despite insurmountable odds, Kaizaxx fights on against these foes described thusly:

"For one hundred billion centuries, they have only known the taste of victory."

Eventually the massive being Raknirod who has been imprisoned in the dome rises. He is impressed with Kaizaxx who has also endured long and terrible captivity. Ensuing events set up a heroic storyline that should provide a great foundation for future issues. Genecy Issue #1 distinguishes itself with marvelous artwork. The illustrator is Eddy Barrows, and the coloring is done by Tim Ogul and Oren Kramek. The excellent illustrations impress with good perspective, drama, and colossal scale.

The author Gerald Cooper crafts his story with an economic use of words. Every sentence is vivid with detail and excitement. The language is used with artistry instead of falling back on trite phrasing and cliches. Here's an example of the dramatic wording:

"The fathomless void tries to suck out every Tanaanian into its ice cold belly."

Genecy performs well as an introduction to a new comic world of violent adventure. It's a hardcore story set in a pitiless universe. I would have liked more character development for Kaizaxx so I could empathize with him better, but I expect that such details will be fleshed out in future installments. In the fast-paced Issue #1 he is being yanked around by forces far greater than himself, which leaves no time for introspection.

Genecy is produced by Gerald Cooper of Invision Comics. He seeks to create stories that will "Let the ride divine begin!" Genecy is available at Indyplanet.com. Additionally, Cooper is currently running a pledge campaign through May 7th at Kickstarter to fund future issues.