Thursday, March 24, 2011

Science fiction character profile: Dev, from Progenitor by Nicholas J. Ambrose

Progenitor by Nicholas J. Ambrose is a 99 cent science fiction novel for Amazon Kindle
Introducing Dev from the science fiction series What Happened on the Sanctity Architect, a serialized novel by Nicholas J. Ambrose.

Dev is an adolescent member of a human-like alien species that call themselves the Faculty. Approaching the age of twenty-seven years, she has another five or so years to go before she’s termed an adult. Her brain is like that of any adolescent: still brimming with the curiosity of childhood, still turning slowly into a more intelligent and adult brain.

Dev’s homeworld was the victim of a vicious attack by a superior species dubbed the Progenitors. Burning gel was poured over the world as a warning to leave Progenitor artefacts alone. Dev’s parents were lost, but the seven-year-old girl was thrust by her dying father into the family heirloom ship, where she was ferried to safety. Years later she underwent rehabilitative counselling and therapy to return to Faculty society.

Dev’s curiosity still drives her, pushing her toward adventure. Four years ago, she joined the crew of Faculty ship Sanctity Architect, believing it to be a job that will take her to unknown worlds of vastly alien origin. Sadly, it soon becomes apparent that the tasks are mundane, and Dev’s unfulfilled need for adventure turns to veiled cynicism toward ship captain, Cam. But her spirit is resolute, upbeat – she has, after all, been in worse spots in her time.

In time, Dev’s curiosity and her need to do the right thing will lead her onto a dark and dangerous path, beginning when she becomes the first member of the Faculty to successfully acquire a Progenitor artefact without being blown to kingdom come.


To Cam, on the statics of her dying whilst on her ‘suicide mission’:

“Haven’t you got anyone else to bother?”

To Cam, on a dry comment:

“Talking to the scientists,” Dev said in his direction rather than at him, “not the ship’s captain.”

To Beta, on Cam’s interest in selling the Progenitor artefact:

“He’s just so … so … unbearable!” she finally cried. “He told me that this was for science! That’s what this mission should have been about!”

The author Nicholas J. Ambrose lives in Essex, England. His official website is Regarding the Hive and Progenitor is now available for Amazon Kindle.

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