Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Announcment: More fantasy novels by Tracy Falbe on the way!

I am planning to publish a new fantasy novel this summer. Rys Rising Book I will launch the Rys Rising epic fantasy series that will be published in four parts. Three of the novels are already written and the fourth and final novel is well underway. I had wanted to have the whole series completely written and then publish it all at once, but the wait has become too painful even for me to bear, and I am moving forward. I expect to publish the first three novels by the end of this year and publish the final part the first half of 2012.

Here is the tentative schedule I have in mind:

Rys Rising Book I - early summer 2011
Savage Storm: Rys Rising Book II - late summer 2011 or early fall
New Religion: Rys Rising Book III - December 2011
Untitled: Rys Rising Book IV - work in progress, but definitely progressing toward a 2012 release

These releases will be in digital ebook formats. I will develop print versions at some point, but I have not set a schedule for that yet. Right now I am busy with the final phases of editing and proofreading and arranging artwork.

This decision to initiate publication came to me over the weekend, and I'm suddenly feeling quite overwhelmed yet excited. Since publishing the final part of The Rys Chronicles, The Borderlands of Power, in August 2007, I have not launched any new fiction. I've been in mad scientist mode and unwilling to suffer the distractions of production, but that has ended! (Well, I'm still in mad scientist mode but accepting that it's time to pay the bills.) Hopefully my life as an independent writer will go much more smoothly and successfully with the new novels. I knew nothing when I started publishing my fiction in 2006, but I have so much more going for me these days, like readers who are waiting for me to publish more novels.

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Now I am going to go work on that untitled Book IV. The best fantasy series have endings, so I will get to work on mine.