Monday, April 4, 2011

Character profile: Brigid from Once A Goddess by Sheila R. Lamb

Currently an MFA candidate in creative writing at Queens University of Charlotte, Sheila R. Lamb is developing a historical fiction trilogy based on the legendary Brigid of Ireland, the subject of today's character profile.

In order to save her people, Brigid of the Túatha dé Danann sacrifices her own desires and agrees to arranged marriage with Bres, a Fomorian prince, the enemy. Spying is only one reason why the Danann leaders send their daughter into Bres’s arms. She also guards their secret of psychic magic, powers the Fomorians must never discover.

Brigid is determined to make the best of it in order to save her tribe from the brutal warriors who overpowered Danann magic with iron weapons. She finds that she must confront Morrigan, a powerful warrioress who vies for Bres's attention. She also meets Adriac, a Fomorian man who inexplicably possesses Danann powers, and she works to discover the mystery of his lineage.

Over time, Bres changes from an attentive husband to a tyrannical ruler, threatening the Tuatha de Danann into extinction. Brigid must find a way to unseat Bres from his kingship, a manipulation that places herself, her son, and all of the Danann in life-threatening peril.

Favorite Quotes from Brigid of the Tuatha de Danann:

To Bres on their wedding day:

“There will be pressures,” I said. “However, the purpose of our union is peace. Not for my personal gain.” I paused. “Nor yours.”

Bres smirked at my implications and our eyes met, each daring the other to turn away first. So, this was how it would be. I knew in that instant that I couldn’t let him catch me off guard; I would have to think carefully before I spoke and always remember that cunning motivation hid behind his words. I would protect our gifts, our knowledge of the elements that surrounded us, with my life.

To Nuada, the Danann Chieftain:

“How dare you,” I hissed in reply. “I’m the one who sacrificed my future, my anam cara, to appease you. I’m the one who was sent away to live with the Fomorian, with your old friend, Elatha, the man who conveniently removed your rival for chieftain. You remember that, don’t you Nuada?”

To her son, Ruadan:

“It’s Danu, the goddess of us all. I will teach you to listen and to understand what She is saying to you. When you learn that, there will be more... you will be able to shape shift...just like we all do.”

Once A Goddess, the first in the Brigid of Ireland trilogy, is looking for her publishing home. More details and excerpts can be found on Sheila's website: Pagans, Saints, and Potatoes at

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