Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fantasy Character Profile: Diana from the Mythikas Island Series by Diana Hurwitz

Mythikas Island Book One: Diana
by Diana Hurwitz
Diana strives to prove herself better than her rival Athena in a grueling test on Mythikas Island. The heroine of this young adult fantasy inspired by Greek Mythology explains the challenges in her own words.
At the beginning of Book One: Diana is the sixteen-year-old daughter of the ruling Titans, Zeus and Leto. In order to earn a seat on the ruling council of Mt. Olympus, she must undergo a green-beret type exercise on Mythikas Island. She is denied the leadership position in favor of her hated half-sister Athena and refuses to go until her twin, Apollo, forces her. Diana wants to be a leader. She wants to be a hero, but she must develop the skills to influence other people. She starts out as a dreamer and a loner. Diana also blames herself for her mother’s death. As she sets off on her journey, she vows to convince their two cousins, Aphrodite and Persephone, to mutiny. None of them are prepared for true dangers that await them on Mythikas where they “face their greatest fears.” The challenge forces Diana to learn that leadership takes more than desire, it takes ability.

Favorite moments:

To Athena: “You stubborn, uncooperative nag.” I straightened up. “Why can’t you admit you’re wrong?”

I was overwhelmed by an odd sense of relief. The pain and regret would be over soon. I stepped closer to lead wolf until he was a body length away. I knelt in the water, my knees sinking into the mud, captured by his gaze, accepting his verdict.

Memories of my mother swam in and out of my dreams like minnows in a pool. It was becoming harder to recall her visage at will.

What if the reason for their mass exodus were here, waiting for us?

You can read more about Diana in Mythikas Island Book One, MI Book Two: Persephone and MI Book Three: Aphrodite available on in both print and Kindle versions. It is also available for Barnes & Noble Nook and can be ordered through your local bookseller. To find out more visit

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