Monday, April 11, 2011

Fantasy character profile: Keyotie the Trickster from A Plethory of Powers by Gerald Costlow

A Plethory of Powers by Gerald Costlow

The Trickster Coyote comes to us from ageless myths and the soul of Mother Nature herself. And in the hands of fantasy author Gerald Costlow, he becomes Keyotie the Trickster, one excellent character.

I had the pleasure of meeting Keyotie when I read The Weaving by Gerald Costlow (see my review at the Fantasy Tavern), and now Keyotie is back in a new novel A Plethory of Powers.

Costlow has provided quotes from both novels, The Weaving and the prequel A Plethory of Powers, to help readers get to know the ingratiating Keyote.

Keyotie, the Trickster

“As much as I like Keyotie, it’s impossible to believe his wild stories about being around since the beginning of time and knowing the Creator personally. He is the finest storyteller I’ve ever met, though.” ~Rose, Witch of the Woods

“Keyotie the Trickster? I’ve met him once or twice. Little dark-skinned fellow. Shape shifter. Always wears the same fringed leather outfit when he’s not running around in what he calls his ‘true form’. Some sort of dog, apparently. He owes me money.” ~The Deacon of the White College

“Don’t let Keyotie hear you call him a dog, or you’ll receive a lecture about his noble coyote heritage.” ~ Rose, Witch of the Woods

“The Trickster is wanted for theft, breaking and entering, destruction of property, multiple escapes from custody, and skipping town without paying debts. There’s also a charge involving an act performed on a dog that I’m not going to discuss in front of the ladies. Reward offered. If seen, notify the nearest Royal Guard immediately.” ~Sheriff of Whitecastle

“I am NOT a dog!” ~Keyotie

“I’ve got a friend, runs a tavern over in Crossroads. Way he tells it, this little bitty guy everyone called the Trickster took on the entire tavern and was the only one left standing when the sawdust settled. Told me to be on the lookout for him, ‘cause the guy skipped town without paying for the damages.” ~Barkeeper in the Troll and Dragon

“The Trickster? Oh, you must be talking about Grandpa. He was quite the rogue back in his day. Rumor is, he met his end when a husband came home and caught him in bed with the man’s wife and maid at the same time. Grandpa made it out the window, but the balcony gave way.” ~Keyotie

“Keyotie has refined lying to the point where I believe even he can’t tell the difference.” ~The Lady

“I’ve never claimed to be a God and I’m not immortal; I’m just hard to kill.” ~Keyotie the Trickster

Both novels by Costlow are for sale in paperback and ebook forms at the usual online booksellers such as B&N and Amazon, and at the Pill Hill book store,

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