Saturday, April 16, 2011

I can't find my DVD The Chronicles of Riddick

About every six months I get the urge to watch the Chronicles of Riddick starring Vin Diesel. I'm very overdue because I have misplaced the DVD. I'm about ready just to add it to my Netflix cue.

Why do I need to watch The Chronicles of Riddick?

Because it is kickass sci fi adventure with a compelling antihero. Riddick embodies wonderfully the concept of the bad guy as the hero. Is he evil? Yes. Mostly he's dangerous, lethal, and not the least bit interested in the goings of so-called decent society. Riddick is a killer, and he's spent so much time in the deep pits of interstellar prisons that he's had his eyes altered so that he can see in the dark. He prefers the darkness and always wins the game who can kill the most. If Riddick defends or avenges a good person, it is because of a personal whim or simply from the fact that he is strong and aggressors naturally seek to subdue him.

When Riddick encounters the Necromungers, a vast horde that is the scourge of worlds on a journey seeking the Underverse, he is confronted by true large scale evil. At first Riddick is not particularly concerned about the invasion of Necromungers because very little bothers Riddick. When he interrupts the Necromunger leader as he is converting the masses to his religion and threatening to rip their souls into oblivion, Riddick sardonically says, "Look, I'm not with these people."

After several awesome fights, Riddick is rescued from the Necromungers by the bounty hunters that have been pursuing him across planets. Riddick considers capture to be rescue because he knows that whatever prison the bounty hunters deliver him to will not be able to hold him.

Meanwhile the Necromungers continue to hunt Riddick because he is the lone survivor of the genocide perpetuated on Furia by the Necromungers. As the last free Furian, Riddick is supposedly destined to destroy the Necromunger lord.

Spoiler warning - Stop reading and go watch the movie if you haven't already

After a wild escape from prison and a huge fight with the Necromungers, Riddick appears on the verge of defeat, but a high ranking Necromunger turns out to be a Furian converted long ago to serving the Underverse. This remnant Furian releases Riddick and confesses to doing "unspeakable things" in the name of something he does not believe in and then he kills himself in an epic suicide scene. It's one of my favorite parts of the movie.

Every part of the Chronicles of Riddick is just awesome. It's a spectacular adventure. Vin Diesel really thrives in the role. I know that he usually comes across as just reading cue cards, but as Riddick he truly becomes the most dangerous man in the galaxy.

After watching this movie you'll learn two things: Take the money and you keep what you kill.

The Chronicles of Riddick has an awesome ending too. I don't know if this movie was a hit when it came out. I was busy with a newborn, but I certainly would have gone to the theater to see it if I could have. Now if only the elves that stole my DVD would quietly return it, then I could indulge in one of my favorites. The epic scale and sheer sinister joy of this story inspires me every time.