Thursday, April 21, 2011

Myths to Live By written by Joseph Campbell released as ebook

I've been enamored by the teachings of Joseph Campbell for several years. I have difficulty explaining his points using any words other than his, but I believe the points he makes through the study of world mythologies help me better understand humanity and inject greater meaning into my fantasy writing.

As an associate member of the Joseph Campbell Foundation I was pleased to receive an email yesterday about the upcoming release of Myths to Live By in ebook format. It is a collection of 12 essays delivered by Joseph Campbell in the Cooper Union Forum between 1958 and 1971.

Here's the description of Myths to Live By provided by the foundation:
One of Joseph Campbell's most popular works, Myths To Live By is considerably enhanced through the electronic format (for example, editor David Kudler has been able to include 80 illustrations, including some photographs actually taken by Campbell, that would be cost prohibitive in a print edition; there is also a discussion link at the end of each chapter). First published in 1972, Myths to Live By has long served as an easily accessible introduction to the wide scope and range of Joseph Campbell's work.

I have checked out Myths to Live By from my library several times. Every essay gives me plenty to contemplate. Sometimes I just read two or three and then return it to the library until I am ready to consider more of what Campbell discovered. Now, I have these essays at home with me all the time because I bought the epub version this morning from the Joseph Campbell Foundation. For foundation associates it was $5.99. When it is released for wider distribution after the end of April, it will $9.99 at the Apple iBookstore and other outlets. The writings of Joseph Campbell are worthy of any thinking person's library. His insights prod my intellect and inspire my creativity every time I read them.

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