Monday, April 18, 2011

Paranormal fantasy character profile: Diana from God Wars: Living with Angels

God Wars: Living with Angels by Rob Tobin presents a complex urban fantasy of witchcraft and revenge. 
Author and professional screenwriter Rob Tobin introduces Diana, the Witch in the Wheelchair.

As a teenager with telekinetic powers, she is paralyzed from the waist down when a gangbanger attacks her and kills her parents in the process, the trauma destroying her psychic powers. Years later Professor Lessage, a mysterious figure who turns out to be a demon trapped in a human body, introduces her to witchcraft which allows her to reclaim her powers and then some, and she goes on a rampage to exact revenge on all the evil people in the world. But she goes too far and opens the gates of Hell, releasing Lessage and his demon cohorts.

Diana is an incredibly complex character, at once a good person seeking to prevent others from suffering the unspeakble pain she's suffered in her short life, but also bitter and vengeful and willing to risk the fate of the entire world to resurrect the gangbanger who put her in the chair and her parents in the grave, just so he can be killed again, this time by her hand. Law student, psychic, witch, bitter but good hearted, in love with an angel she can't trust, devastated because her paralysis makes it impossible to live a normal life or a love life of any kind, she is in danger of succumbing to the very evil she claims to want to destroy. And through it all, she's still that sweet sixteen year old girl who woke up jammed against a car dashboard and smashed windshield, paralyzed from the waist down, her dead parents staring lifelessly from either side of her.

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