Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Results from my readers' poll about sex and love scenes

Two weeks ago I started a poll at Goodreads seeking opinions about sex scenes in books. Voting ended yesterday and the results indicate strong support for sex or love scenes when they contribute to plot and characterization.

Thirty two readers responded to the poll.

Do you like sex/love scenes in the books you read? I ask because some people really like them, some people don't mind them, and others definitely want their fiction to go through a prude filter. Plus it's interesting to discuss.

* Love scenes are fine if they contribute to characterization and plot. 22 votes, 68.8%

* I really enjoy sexuality in fiction. 5 votes, 15.6%

* No nookie for me. I don't want to go there. 3 votes, 9.4%

* Some sex is OK but only in small doses. 2 votes, 6.3%

* Love scenes are why I read! 0 votes, 0.0%
After the most common response, readers appeared equally split between really liking fiction to be bumping uglies and a definite disinterest in a story including sexual elements. Overall, from this tiny unscientific sample, I'm willing to proclaim that most readers like some sex in their books.

Even though the poll is closed at Goodreads, feel free to leave a comment on this subject if you like.