Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Rys Chronicles fantasy series in the German Amazon Kindle store

Amazon Kindle Store expands into Germany bringing The Rys Chronicles fantasy series by American author Tracy Falbe with it.
My fantasy novels that have been in the Amazon Kindle Store in the United States and the UK since last year are now available to German Kindle users. Over the years I've had readers in Germany purchase my fantasy ebooks through my website, so I know that some Europeans have enjoyed my fiction. I now hope that more people in Germany will have a chance to discover my series.

If you are a German Kindle owner who likes reading fantasy here are the links to The Rys Chronicles in the German Kindle Store. 

* Book I Union of Renegades
Book II The Goddess Queen
Book III Judgment Rising
Book IV The Borderlands of Power

* If you would like to read Union of Renegades for free, you can download it to a computer right now.

Click this link and select the .prc file. This will work on your Kindle. Of course to get the free version you'll have to use a USB connection from your computer to the Kindle.

If you decide you like The Rys Chronicles please consider buying your Kindle compatible versions directly from me. My system converts many currencies, including Euros, and the ebooks are instant downloads after payment. Germans might actually save a little money buying through my U.S. website. For example, today one of my ebooks that retails for $4.95 US is exchanging for 3.40 EUR, a touch less than the novels at the German Amazon site where they are listed for 4 EUR. The exchange rate varies by the day of course, but typically offers people spending Euros a savings. The small amounts of potential savings may not matter to most readers, but when a reader buys directly from me, it always makes me happy. It means I don't have to wait months to get paid or give up a big percentage to Amazon.