Monday, May 16, 2011

Fantasy character profile: Meet Onja, Queen of the rys

Onja can plant a thought in your mind and trick you with your deep desires and fears. She can cast blazing spells of battle magic to destroy her enemies. And worst of all, she possesses the ability to claim the souls of her victims and enslave them to her service.

For over two thousand years, Onja has ruled the rys in her isolated mountain realm. The human tribes west of her homeland have been forced to worship her as their Goddess and deliver tribute to her every year. She has maintained this supreme domination of so many because her magical powers were truly insurmountable. In centuries past her magic incinerated rebels from afar, and her many loyal humans gladly followed her orders to punish her enemies in more conventional ways.

Her hegemony was first established 2,200 years ago in a Great War with the neighboring realm of Nufal, ruled by the magical tabre race. When she achieved total victory over Nufal, she enslaved many of its tabre and human souls who remain trapped in her service. She has used these wraiths to guard her eastern frontier and destroy any people that wonder into this wilderness that separates Onja's world from the expanding civilization of the east.

The Rys Chronicles portray the saga that unfolds when Onja finally allows people through from the east. She does it as a gamble to revive her waning power but her act unexpectedly triggers a daring rebellion that challenges her powers that have been blunted by her advanced age.

Favorite quotes from Onja:
"Your respect is your obedience to me."

"Speak not to me of history. I was there. My magic ended the killing, and my magic will guard the rys forever."

"Take heart, Kwan. The demonstration on the boy has spared all of your men a worse fate. Furthermore, I will not hold today's insubordination against you. I knew this lesson would be necessary. My original proposal remains. Obey me and you will see your homeland again."
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