Monday, May 23, 2011

Writing the final part of a fantasy series is hard

Ever wonder why some fiction series go on and on instead of finishing? Maybe because it is easier to just keep going with the narrative instead of wrapping it up.

Right now I am deep into writing the final novel of my new fantasy series Rys Rising, and I am thoroughly reminded of the many challenges of writing a finish to an epic story.

I think the toughest part is wrapping up the many details without triggering new subplots that will require even more chapters to resolve. As a novelist I naturally have the ability to dream up new situations and problems for my characters, but eventually I need to focus on tying up loose ends instead of starting new threads.

Right now with my writing I am enjoying my characters and letting them do their things for a while. I want to let the intricacies of their lives play out a bit more before I hurl them into a terrible crisis, but I am approaching the stage in which some serious events need to start happening. This leads me to another problem. Procrastination is creeping up on me, and I know why I am going with the flow instead of paddling my canoe faster downriver. Finishing this series means I have to kill some people. I never like doing that.

I've been in these woods before. I remember how difficult writing The Borderlands of Power was. Borderlands is the last book of The Rys Chronicles (so far) and its creation was often a great trial for me. At one point I had to ditch a whole chapter and start over. Deleted scenes and second attempts make for hard work. It's hard to erase something after spending a week composing it, but if I don't like it, then it has to be rewritten and sometimes even scrapped entirely.

Enough of this procrastinating on my blog. I'm going to go work on that novel. This novel is the one that will tell a story that's been imprisoned in my mind for a long time. I'll go work on its escape tunnel and let it inch toward freedom.