Thursday, June 30, 2011

Excellent podcast about fantasy literature by W. Brondt Kamffer

I finally made the time last night to listen to a podcast by fantasy author W. Brondt Kamffer. We connected on Twitter a while back, and he seems smarter than me, so of course I'm impressed.

The podcast I listened to last night was about Theme in Fantasy. For almost half an hour, he gave an excellent talk on the subject and cited many meaningful examples. If you're like me and actually miss the days when you could sit in a literature class and listen to a lecture, I definitely recommend his Gods and Men podcast.

W. Brondt Kamffer is the author of The Wars of Gods & Men and The Wrath of Kings & Princes. He will be presenting a guest post at this blog over the summer as part of a blog tour that he is planning. Please follow this blog and stay in touch.