Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I inspired somebody

M.R. Mathias author of numerous fantasy and horror stories, including the Wardstone Trilogy, recently stated in a blog post at Fantasy Book Critic that I inspired him to begin self publishing his fantasy fiction. He was right when he said that I probably had no idea that my obscure questing for success made another writer say, "Hey, I want to do that too!"

Judging by his ratings, sales ranks, and number of twitter followers, Mathias is enjoying growing success and really catching on with fantasy readers. I'm very happy that the example I set caused him to put his fiction out there and start marketing it. If you really believe in your work, then you should put yourself in the public arena and start getting real people to read your work. No fiction writer needs a publisher. Fiction writers need readers, and the internet gives you a way to access a big chunk of the human population. Of course there are about a trillion other things competing for people's attention, but at least you're competing. There's a big difference between being on the field and sitting in the stands.

These days, many people like to proclaim that self publishing or indie publishing as it's more recently styling itself is losing its stigma. Well, I never really felt stigmatized by doing it, even when I began six years ago. The stigma for me was going to some boring job every day and having manuscripts pile up in a closet. Looking in the mirror every morning and knowing that I was not doing anything to get my work in front of readers was far more undesirable than trying to make a business out of my creative passions.

Thank you for mentioning my influence on your business decisions M.R. Mathias. I'm sure you'll enjoy continued success, and I'm so very happy that you're not sitting around waiting for rejection letters!

See details about his Indy Kindle giveaway going on through the Fourth of July. The Kindle will contain all work by M.R. Mathias and he's even including other fantasy novels, like The Rys Chronicles.