Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm on red geek alert until July 1st

Ever since learning that Netflix is going to add Star Trek the Original Series to its streaming service on July 1st, I've been eagerly awaiting the date. I've been a huge Star Trek fan since before I could even tie my shoes. I credit that television show with stimulating my imagination at a very young age.

I can't even decide which episode I will watch first. I have so many favorites. Will it be the Doomsday Machine? Gamesters of Trikselion? Or how about the episode when Spock gets blasted by the flower and falls in love? And remember that great episode when Captain Kirk's body gets taken over by that woman scientist who has always longed for authority and power? William Shatner does a marvelous job of acting like a woman in a man's body. Oh, how about Spock's Brain? I love remote control Spock.

I'll spend the summer burning through them all. I'll gorge myself on the social messages, free love, brawling, space diseases, mini skirts, and Kirk talking computers into self destructing. And when I'm fully besotted on Romulan ale, I will turn to Voyager, because that Star Trek series will also be part of my Netflix service too. Oh, Captain Janeway how I love you. Should you call her Sir or Ma'am? She prefers Captain. And she is the only Star Trek captain fit to polish Kirk's boots. Yes, I know everyone loved Jean Luc Picard, and I do too. I even had a bald boyfriend when The Next Generation was at the top of its game, but Picard is stodgy and I like Janeway better. She's a gutsy gambler who would go too far if she did not have Chakotay to pull her back from the brink.

So what's your favorite episode or character from Star Trek? Comment and let me know. I could talk Star Trek till the cows come home and I don't get to do it very often.