Friday, June 10, 2011

Photos of severe storm damage in Battle Creek, Michigan

This is my lane when I first emerged from the basement on 5/29.
On May 29th, a severe storm possibly with tornadoes hit Battle Creek, Michigan where I live. The worst of it went directly through my neighborhood. Amazingly my house and big trees are fine, but there was heavy damage all around and across the town. Countless trees went down in a matter of minutes and many homes and commercial buildings received damage. Fortunately no one was killed, but we all have a long way to go with clean up. Just this morning I was cutting up fallen tree limbs in the abandoned property two doors down. My power was out for three days, which was not so bad considering the extent of the damage. The work crew spent two whole days rebuilding the power infrastructure on my little lane alone. They had to replace two power poles that were crushed when we lost four large oak trees. My internet connection was down for nine days, which was a painful reminder of how information-free and disconnected the world used to be before the internet.

Some closer views of the lovely trees that went down. The picture with the cars will help you see the size of these trees. They were so beautiful. I will miss them very much.

Clean up crews got the lane open on June 1st.

One of the oaks across the street from me.

The view up my cross street. Many homes were badly damaged on this street. It took about four days to even get it open for traffic.

A close up view of the many logs now piled at the end of my lane. There have been logging trucks and equipment in the neighborhood for close to two weeks now. I don't know when or if this pile will get cleaned up. No one is living in the property where these trees came down.

Touring my neighborhood on my bike on June 3rd I took this picture of a big oak that went down and crashed into another big oak and pushed it down too.

Piles of debris are in front of most houses in the damaged neighborhoods.

When this tree went down it tore up the driveway.

The crane you see in the background was necessary to lift large trees off of houses.

This was why I did not have internet for nine days.