Friday, June 3, 2011

Tornadoes delay May ebook prize drawing

Please be patient if you have entered to win the ebook giveaway drawing at my website. Tornadoes hit my town on 5/29. My neighborhood took the worst of it. My power has been restored but I still do not have internet access. I'm writing this blog from my public library. When internet is restored to my home, I will notify the winner and purchase the prize.

For details about the giveway see my previous post

Until I have internet access at home, anyone who joins my readers' list will be included in the May drawing.

I'll provide photos of the damage here as soon as I can. My house and big trees are OK, but many other people were not so lucky. Fortunately no one died. I'm still a little stunned that my property is OK. I feel lucky because I am surrounded by destruction.