Saturday, June 11, 2011

Two ways to win The Rys Chronicles complete fantasy ebook series

Win a Kindle and The Rys Chronicles

Right now through July 4th, popular indie fantasy author M.R. Mathias is promoting his latest novel Kings, Queens, Heroes & Fools: The Wardstone Trilogy Book Two by running a giveaway drawing for a Kindle loaded with all his novels plus more fantasy novels from indie novelists, including yours truly. That's right, this Kindle giveaway will include free access to all four novels of The Rys Chronicles: Union of Renegades, The Goddess Queen, Judgment Rising, and The Borderlands of Power. Thank you M.R. Mathias for including me in your promotion.

Fantasy fans interested in entering this drawing (and who wouldn't be interested in winning a Kindle?) can do so at the Fantasy Book Critic.

What's the second way to win The Rys Chronicles?

It is not as grandiose as winning a Kindle, but you'll likely have a better chance of winning my fantasy ebooks if you join my readers' list at Brave Luck Books. There won't be so many people clamoring to win a Kindle, so the entrants will create a smaller pool to draw from. Every month, I will do a drawing from the pool of new readers and give away all four novels of The Rys Chronicles.

Even before the drawing you can download the first novel of the series Union of Renegades for free to see if you like my style.