Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Coming soon: New novel, podcasting, and a guest blogger

I'm expecting to receive the final cover art this weekend for my new fantasy novel Rys Rising: Book I. The art will be the final piece I need to go forward with publication. I can tentatively say that I will release Rys Rising: Book I as an ebook at in the first week of August. Rys Rising will be available for download in Epub, Kindle-compatible PRC, and good old Adobe PDF.

As a promotional experiment I will also be presenting Rys Rising: Book I as a serialized web novel with new chapters being added two or three times a week. I'm considering also serializing it at

After I get all of that rolling, I'll distribute Rys Rising: Book I into the Kindle store and all the retail channels served by my distributor Then I will design the print version and make it available in paperback and maybe hardcover too. I still have some details to ponder about the print version.

Podcasting and audio book update for Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I

Progress is being made on the audio book version of Union of Renegades, the first novel of my complete series The Rys Chronicles. I've personally reviewed 17 chapters of the novel as recorded by Chris Snelgrove of DarkFire Productions. He's doing a marvelous job of interpreting the novel. He has recorded the audio for the rest of the chapters, and I'll be reviewing them soon.

Once everything is done to my satisfaction and I pay my bill to DarkFire, I will be the proud owner of my first audio book. In addition to selling the audio book, I'll be making a chapter-by-chapter podcast of the novel. This audio production is a big experiment on my part. I'm hoping the free serialized podcast of the novel and the audio book will help raise the visibility of my fiction. I know many people like to listen to books, and I'm excited to start putting my toe into the waters of this market. If I see benefits from this experiment (as in money), I'll work toward producing the next novel in the series for the audio market. I'll just have to see how this develops for me, but I am optimistic about delivering my content in yet another format. 

Upcoming guest blogger: W. Brondt Kamffer

Currently on a blog tour to promote the August 1st release of The Pride of Blood and Empire, the third book of The Ossian Chronicles, W. Brondt Kamffer will be featured at Her Ladyship's Quest this Friday the 29th. Kamffer asks: Can good fantasy be good literature? Of course, to that question, I say "duh!" but he'll explore the answer in much more intelligent detail. Please follow or subscribe to this blog now so you won't miss his insightful essay about the literary value of fantasy.

To sample the fiction of this lover of the fantasy genre, download his novella The Call of Sage and Kindred for free at Smashwords.

He is also the author of The Wars of Gods and Men and The Wrath of Kings and Princes.

Access of his novels of The Ossian Chronicles at this page.