Monday, August 15, 2011

Best of the Quest #1

I've been blogging for a while now and would like my readers to know about some of my older posts that I'm rather fond of. This Best of the Quest selection shows off the eclectic nature of my blog. Enjoy.

Book Review: Rise of the Creative Class by Richard Florida

This book is tremendously well written. The author has an engaging style that is supported by abundant facts, statistics, and anecdotes. All creative workers should find that it rings very true with their personal experiences, beliefs, and tastes. I know it did for me. After reading this book, I consider myself enlightened to a reality that I felt but was not aware of intellectually or consciously. For anyone interested in understanding systemic problems with the U.S. economy and social trends, The Rise of the Creative Class is highly recommended and truly fascinating.

Big eastern coyotes thriving in Midwest, see video evidence

They might be watching you on a bike lane or hiking trail at dusk. Maybe one of them ate your cat. Some people find it hard to believe that they are even there.

Easy Rider: They do NOT make movies like this anymore

I was somewhat reluctant to watch Easy Rider. I knew the film was regarded as a classic, but I was not sure if a movie with two dudes riding around on motorcycles (choppers?) would appeal to me. Well, don't judge a man by his haircut because I was wrong to doubt the artistic quality of Easy Rider.