Friday, August 5, 2011

Meet Kayla Freeland, heroine of The Conquest of Kiynan

The Conquest of Kiynan by Eric Caillibot
My ongoing feature of character profiles introduces today the heroine from the debut fantasy novel of Canadian author Eric Caillibot. He's been writing fantasy and science fiction stories for 15 years. Judging from the cover art, she has quite a fight ahead of her. 

Lady Kayla Freeland, a young girl with soft, blue eyes and a sweet disposition, is haunted by nightmares of terrible violence and doom.

As the eldest born of the Count of Freshwater, she is destined to rule the city and its surroundings after her father’s death. Despite her obligations, her thoughts are absorbed by her fascination with the magical land of Ornland, which her people fled long ago.

Magic is not practiced among the Fled, and one cannot become a magician without lengthy training. Yet Kayla has always had strange abilities that she does not fully understand. Little does she know that even among the Faithful of Ornland, no one has demonstrated abilities like hers since the legendary House Calm was cast down, centuries ago.

Her people are quick to explain away her talents as cleverness or luck, but when a mysterious messenger arrives from Ornland, he sees her talents for what they truly are. Even he does not yet realize the vital role she will be forced to play during the coming conflict.

To follow Kayla’s struggles against an ancient evil that threatens her home and the entire world, read The Conquest of Kiynan.

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