Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Best of the Quest #2

I've been blogging for a while, and here's a sampling of some of my better posts that deserve a second chance to be ignored.

What do readers of medieval fantasy get out of it?

My thoughts on the deep satisfying elements of the fantasy genre that go beyond superficial entertainment.

Real life more epic than any fantasy novel

I get very real in this post and write about the doomed city of Goma and the horrors of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

You can never know too much about survival

My book review of the Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook. You should always carry it. Ladies, it is small enough to fit in a medium sized purse. Guys, ask a lady to carry it for you just like you do with everything else.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Character profile: Meet Elec Stormwhisper a high elf of the Realm of Ashenclaw

I recently encountered Gary F. Vanucci on Twitter and invited him to submit a character profile from his fantasy novel Covenant of the Faceless Knights. Today he introduces us to a giant eagle riding high elf skilled in the disarming of mechanical traps, among other things.
Elec Stormwhisper—Elec is a high elf in the Realm of Ashenclaw. He hails from the island home of Acillia where he and his people lead a secluded lifestyle. They participate with the other races in trading goods and services when need be and involve themselves only in times of great need.

All high elves have a natural aptitude for the arcane arts, unlike the forest elves, who prefer the use of bows and swords instead. Elec did not show signs of arcane mastery, much to the chagrin of his father and kin. Instead, he excelled in the areas of alchemy as well as disciplines that involved cunning and use of his dexterous digits, including designing, building and disarming mechanical traps.

Elec also trained for several years with his Uncle Faorath in the areas of training exotic pets—specifically giant eagles—in the ways of befriending them and using them as flying mounts. These talented few are called the Wind Riders of Acillia.

On many special celebrations and prior to leaving on his mission as an envoy, Elec was gifted with many ancient elven magic by his uncle, who continues to support and encourage the young elf in any way he can.

Elec has dark hair and white pupils—both unusual features for the high elves, who usually tend toward eyes of blue, amber, violet or green and hair that ranges in color from silver to gold. Elec is a very insecure combatant, he often compensates for his lack of natural prowess with his constant use of combat-enhancing alchemical elixirs, which in his mind, he has perfected. He often experiments on himself, using different combinations that meet with varying results. He is understandably an expert in the surrounding fields of alchemy and botany.

Where to buy the novel



Barnes & Noble 

Realm of Ashenclaw

Synopsis of Covenant of the Faceless Knights

When a dangerous artifact goes missing from a temple, the elderly high priest in charge eventually comes to the conclusion that he needs help. He requests aid in the form of a one-time apprentice, Garius, who is now an Inquisitor representing the Order of the Faceless Knights. After a series of interviews, Garius sets out on his quest aided by Rose, a rogue among rogues, by the battle-hungry Saeunn, and by a naïve elf named Elec, who reluctantly agrees to accompany them at the behest of the persuasive Inquisitor. The eclectic group then sets out to recover the artifact before it falls into the hands of the lich who once held it. Such is the Covenant of the Faceless Knights!

Want to see a character from your novel on Her Ladyship's Quest?

Please see how to submit your character profile.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Union of Renegades was #1 at Podiobooks today

As I announced this morning, my first fantasy novel Union of Renegades launched its serial podcast at Podiobooks today. Checking back at the site this evening I discovered to my surprise that my podcast was the top subscription for the day. Of course I'm not reading too much into this. Loyal Podiobooks users probably subscribe to most of the new releases, and I'm just enjoying some first day popularity. However, it was still a nice thrill for me to see myself at the top of a chart. That's never happened before. I honestly did not expect to see my fantasy podcast on the chart when I clicked on the link. I can only hope that this continues.

To listen please visit the Union of Reneagades fantasy podcast.

Union of Renegades fantasy novel podcast live & free at Podiobooks

Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I is now a free serialized podcast.

Begin listening here:

At that page you will find easy to use buttons for sharing this podcast on Twitter or Facebook, so please let your audio enthusiast friends know about the release of this exciting fantasy novel.

The novel was read by Chris Snelgrove, who did a magnificent job. Hearing another person interpret my work with the spoken word was a new experience for me. Although I'm a novelist, I'm a little ashamed to admit that I'm not quite sure how to express what it's like to hear my creation coming back to me from someone else. I'm going to have to ponder this one for a while more.

Regarding the podcast, it consists of 40 episodes reflecting the 40 chapters of the fantasy novel. Union of Renegades is a full length work approaching 180,000 words. This may intimidate some listeners and excite others. At any rate, I do hope that the audio version will enable more people to discover my fantasy fiction and draw a few into the world of The Rys Chronicles.

About the novel:

Have you ever looked at the facts of your life and realized your dreams won't come true? Have you ever looked into the unknown and seen opportunity? For Dreibrand Veta, a young officer in the Horde of the Atrophane Empire, these questions explode from his spirit in a fit of rage and launch him into an epic struggle. After he encounters a rare super race, the rys, he is forced to choose sides between passionate rivals and navigate his way through a foreign culture all while plotting to seize his own wealth and glory. In this opening novel of The Rys Chronicles you'll meet a man scarred by bad deeds who answers the call of a heroic cause. An unconventional heroine will tug at your sympathies as she bravely faces adversity with all the strengths and vulnerabilities of her womanhood. And overarching it all are the rys. Their magic makes them superior to humans, but they are not above employing humans in their deadly schemes.

In addition to the Union of Renegades fantasy podcast this novel is also a free fantasy ebook.

In the near future I will also be adding these podcasts to my website so as to make them even more discoverable, but until then please enjoy them at Podiobooks.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

News for today

Thank you to Matt D. Williams for interviewing me at the Jak Phoenix Universe today. A while back I wrote a review of his fun space adventure Jak Phoenix and I heartily recommend it. It takes some guts to publish your humor and Williams made me laugh while entertaining me with some solid space opera.

Last night one of my readers who has read all of my novels, emailed me because he had finished my newest one Rys Rising: Book I. He kindly told me that it was "absolutely wonderful." That was a nice pick-me-up for what has been a difficult week at home.

Tomorrow expect to see a post here about the launch of the serial podcast of Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I at I'm officially entering the medium of audio.

On Tuesday, I'll be publishing a character profile from Covenant of the Faceless Knights by Gary F. Vanucci. If you are an author please look at how to submit a character profile to Her Ladyship's Quest.

Good night. I'm off to spend some time reading the manuscript of New Religion: Rys Rising Book III.

Friday, September 23, 2011

I was interviewed at Indie Writers Zone

Thank you to Patricia McCallum, author of the upcoming murder mystery novel Quick Kill, for interviewing me on her blog. I candidly reveal how all my mistakes are my fault and that I have a prickly prima donna attitude toward the thought of someone else editing my novels.

Read the interview Indie Insider.

My inspirations are featured at J.M. Tresaugue's blog

The flattery continues in the second installment of author J.M. Tresaugue's series about me. Does someone writing a three-part series about me mean I write good fantasy novels? I hope so.

Here's the link: Inspiration

Another big thank you to Tresaugue who writes fantasy, science fiction, and horror. He says his fiction is dark but will pull you along with a thread of hope, but hope does not guarantee a happy ending.

Please see more about his fiction at his profile on the Independent Author Network.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Creative journey of Kirk Yuras yields fine art illustrated fantasy ebook

King Krylor from Time of the Awakening by Kirk Yuras
The two decades author and artist Kirk Yuras has spent developing his fantasy saga Generations of Legends reveal the depth of his passion for his art and fiction. He has recently published the first book in his series Time of the Awakening. He developed the art for his story as well as the narrative and lovingly designed each page. He "handcrafted a physical copy and captured it digitally."

My interview with him illustrates the time and commitment that many independent creatives consider necessary for their lives.

1. When did you first start writing Generations of Legends?

I started the lesser story arcs and world building as far back as junior high - some twenty years ago Krylor became a very real part of my mind. I engineered the continents, plate tectonics, weather patterns, relevant planets/moons in the system (Earth science, a big plus) the Races, ecosystems and histories of this world(s) peoples. Many readers want to know when the actual writing of Book One began. Before I finished high school, I had a rough outline for each book in the series and chapter by chapter outline of the first book, which then went under the working title "The Awakening." Since then, the title has changed and my delivery has changed, but the main story remains intact. The year following high school (94-95), I finished the rough draft of the first book and carefully outlined each book in the series, to the chapter (with a paragraph description of each chapter.) "Time of the Awakening" has since gone under a number of changes, as is the nature of a novice work under critical scrutiny. But these changes had more to do with the craft of writing and maximizing the elements of the story, rather than changing the plot itself. Again, I'd point out my deep appreciation to the team of writers who critiqued my work and helped me sift through what worked and what needed worked upon.

2. Do the paintings or the stories come first?

A seemingly simple question, but that one is tangled, as well. Sometimes I doodle and 'run with it.' In cases like these, the subconscious expresses itself and specifics fill in the blank later. Other times, I write a passage and feel it needs illumination. Looking at the Durgos King Hemel, words would never accurately describe something so unusual. If I want the reader to have a clear, fixed idea about the imagery I'll illustrate after I write. If I want the words to "paint a picture" in their mind, I hold back (with great reluctance, I might add.) Chapter 33, "What the night brings" (out of Book 1) is a good example of holding back. But visualization is part of what makes reading so great. It's also a test of my skill as a writer. I feel strongly about a book's ability to hold its own without any accompanying art.

3. You mentioned at your site that you sometimes write and paint at a Barnes & Noble store. What have your interactions with the public been like in this venue? Do people get excited about your art and buy the ebook?

I had this experience yesterday, in fact; something about seeing an artist at work invites curiosity. Since I'm now actively selling, I try not to commit to anything too elaborate because I want people to feel like they can approach me. Also, I like to be able to stop and answer questions and point them to purchase opportunities like my deal with the Special Edition. Provided I'm not working with something time sensitive (like acrylic or water color) it's never a bother to stop and chat. Discovering the appeal of this approach happened by accident, by the way. I never intended to use it as a sales tactic! I had a sketch book, my laptop open, a caffeinated beverage at the ready and one day someone started asking questions. I thought, If only I had a sign up that said something like "Meet the author..."

4. Any additional comments?

I would only point out that traditional readers might want to reconsider the notion of taking in an ebook. I agree, it's not the same. I agree, my layout, design and artwork do work better on paper, in a 'bound' format, such as a hardcover book. That is exactly why I went to the trouble of creating the one-and-only physical copy. But given the market, the electronic format is where many new authors are being forced presently. And given the quality of my book, the electronic version is a price the general audience should be much more comfortable with: the bottom line guesstimate is $75 minimum for a physical copy, as compared to a $7 ebook. I cover pricing on my site under the tab "What you pay for" and the current state of the market under the tab "FAQ's, why electronic publication?"

About Time of the Awakening

Supernatural forces threaten the nation, Embrilliance. Men behave as if possessed – throwing themselves from towers, wading into raging currents, braving white-hot forges or burying themselves alive. Creatures long since forgotten stir in the Infested Bogs. The Walking Dead, once mindless automatons, now show signs of intelligence and organization. A demon rampages unchecked across the land. The military marches into a trap laid by a dark army amassed at the border.

One man stands in the way of annihilation; Krylor Hendsdred.




Though Krylor is gifted with prophetic insight, the villain Neiloph Ebonire holds him in check as he orchestrates the evils plaguing Embrilliance. Neiloph can read the King’s thoughts, can counter his every move and thwart any plan. Any plan except…

Purchase the Special Digital Edition of Time of the Awakening

Barnes & Noble

Amazon Kindle

Thank you Kirk for letting me interview and for providing samples of your art on Her Ladyship's Quest.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rys Rising: Book I epic fantasy now in paperback

Yesterday I received the proof copy of the paperback version of Rys Rising: Book I. Satisfied with its physical presentation, I just made it available for sale at the print-on-demand service Lulu. The paperback has a friendly pricepoint of $15.00.

As I explained when I released the hardcover, I am barely making a couple bucks off each copy. The bulk of the price goes to manufacturing. The print versions of my new novel are about making them available in this format more than making a profit. I have learned that I am not going to make many print sales because the vast majority of my readership chooses ebooks, which have become the backbone of my business.

Because my focus at this point is firmly on marketing the ebook versions of my novels, I do not have plans to distribute the hardcover or paperback versions of Rys Rising: Book I to online retailers. I just don't see the point. To accommodate the necessary percentages needed by the retailers, the prices would have to be raised so high that no one would bother to buy them anyway.

But if you would like Rys Rising: Book I in paperback at the reasonable price of $15.00, please use the buy button for the printing service Lulu below. The book is a 6 x 9 inch trade paperback of 418 pages. As always, I appreciate your interest.

Rys Rising: Book I paperback $15.00

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Also note that Rys Rising: Book I is a free ebook at Brave Luck Books.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Union of Renegades audiobook and podcast coming soon

The appeal of listening to a good story goes far back into our preliterate past. Modern audiobooks capture this age-old way of storytelling, and they offer consumable entertainment for people with vision issues or who are busy with mind numbing tasks like housework, data entry, and driving. Many people enjoy audiobooks, and I've wanted to enter that arena for some time.

Well, I finally (sorta) had the money to reinvest in my business and sent it off to DarkFire Productions. I needed to pay for professional sound production and hire voice talent because my little girl voice totally does not suit my material. This outfit is run by some indie author gentlemen who also have some audio skills. The upcoming audio version of my first fantasy novel Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I was read by Chris Snelgrove. In many ways I think he did a magnificent job. My novel has numerous characters. Maybe I did not like how he interpreted every one of them, but the scale of his effort is commendable. He did very well with the main characters, and I still have trouble believing that it's actually him doing the voice of the heroine Miranda.

Union of Renegades will be presented as both a free serial podcast and a paid audiobook. The very first podcast of Chapter 1. In the Service of the Empire is already scheduled at for September 26th.

This project has been months in the making. The podcast will be a full 40 episodes. The audiobook clocks in at 19 hours. I really mean it when I say I write EPIC fantasy.

Please follow this blog so you will see the announcements related to this fantasy podcast and the release of the audiobook.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm a featured author at the blog of J.M. Tresaugue

Science fiction and fantasy author J.M. Tresaugue began a profile of me at his blog today. It's the first of three parts. I am entirely flattered by the attention. Thank you very much for choosing to spend some of your precious writing time profiling me and my fantasy fiction. J.M. Tresaugue says that his fiction tends to be dark and disturbing, but at his blog he shows off his playful spirit. Please visit his blog.

J. M. Tresaugue: WRITER PROFILE: TRACY FALBE (Part 1 of 3) AN INTRO...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fantasy novel Rys Rising: Book I now available in hardcover

Fantasy isn't just for good guys. Rys Rising: Book I now in hardcover.
My fabulous new fantasy novel Rys Rising: Book I is now available as a hardcover. It will be produced at as a print-on-demand product. I've used Lulu over the years to produce advance reading copies and design prototypes and have personally been quite pleased with the quality of the books produced by this company.

The hardcover book I designed is in the casewrap style. This means that the cover art is printed directly onto the hardcover. There is no annoying book jacket to get ripped and be in your way while reading. Can you tell I hate book jackets?

I was pleased with the proof copy I had made for myself and think it looks quite smashing. I'm prejudiced of course. I have priced the hardcover version at $24 plus shipping. I am only making a couple dollars on each one because I want to keep the price point reasonable. Print products are not where I make my profits anyway. I do not plan to distribute this hardcover version through major retail channels because I would have to significantly raise the price to factor in additional payment to more middleman companies. My novels are long. This hardcover is 418 pages and print-on-demand manufacturing is quite expensive per unit. I have produced the hardcover for two reasons: 1) to satisfy the tiny number of readers interested in a print version, and 2) to have and to hold and cherish in my secret lair. Yes, I do pet it and smile at it.

To add this likely very rare hardcover to your book collection (at least until I break out and become insanely popular) click the Lulu button to arrange payment and shipping.

Rys Rising: Book I 6 x 9 inch hardcover, casewrap, 418 pages

$24.00 USD + shipping

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Please note: Paperback version coming soon.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Readers can collect digital author autographs on Kindle and other devices

Yesterday, I was introduced to a new system that allows authors published on the Kindle platform to connect with readers who would enjoy the digital equivalent of an autograph. I tested out the system and it allows you to fulfill reader autograph requests with a little digital message and signature. The system creates a small file to be stored on Kindles that writes the message in a handwriting script font. Additionally, a person does not have to use a Kindle to use the signature request system. A pdf file of the digital message can be sent to an email address and stored however the person chooses.

The system is called Kindlegraph. It works in conjunction with Twitter and "lets authors send personalized inscriptions and signatures ("kindlegraphs") directly to the electronic reading devices of their fans"

If you've read any of my novels, click the link to request a digital autograph.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

New epic fantasy serial started at Wattpad

Start reading some awesome fantasy on your mobile device.
Wattpad is a very active online digital reading venue. Writers add their stories and readers can access them through a variety of devices. According to Wattpad it has 1 million registered users who add 3 million comments or votes each month. People read Wattpad content as a mobile application, a mobile site, or from any computer by visiting Right now the most popular device used at Wattpad is the iPhone.

I placed my first fantasy novel Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I on Wattpad in its entirety quite a while ago, and I know for a fact that some readers discovered me there and went on to buy more of my novels.

Now that I am launching a new fantasy series, I have started serializing the novel Rys Rising: Book I at Wattpad. I added the first chapter last Friday and will update the Wattpad version with a new chapter every Friday.

If you already use the Wattpad App, enter the code 2160964 to connect your device to my new fantasy novel.

If you want to get the Wattpad App, you can download it here.

While you're on the site, please vote for Rys Rising: Book I, leave a comment, or mention it at your social media venues.

About Rys Rising: Book I

An outlaw rises to become a dreaded warlord, the terror of kings. He takes the name Amar and seeks to join the Kez, the fiercest mercenary society in the tribal kingdoms of Gyhwen. His fearless ambition is inspired by Onja, a mysterious rys female whose magic has shaped Amar into a loyal friend. He zealously pursues her every command and hopes to join her in her mythic homeland of Jingten. But he knows little about the challenges confronting Onja. She and all rys are the reviled creations of the tabre of Nufal, and Onja longs to expel her hated masters. To liberate the rys, she knows that she will need more than Amar's help. Onja sees her best hope for an ally in Dacian, a prodigy among rys, but he is loyal to the ruling tabre order and dreams of winning equality for the rys nonviolently. He holds tenaciously to his ideals even as the tabre brutally subjugate him. Will he endure more dark abuses for the sake of peace or reach out to Onja? And what fate is Amar blindly embracing as he kills for her? Like a tree crashing in a storm, all civilizations will crack when hit by the force of the rys rising.

Available for free in Epub, Kindle-compatible PRC, and Adobe PDF.

Click here to download the free ebook right now.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Character profile: Kolinski the Bolshevik badass from Hugh Ashton's alternative history Red Wheels Turning

Red Wheels Turning, a First World War alternative history by Hugh Ashton
Kolinski (other names unknown) is the anti-hero of Red Wheels Turning, an adventure story set in the First World War. A Russian ex-criminal (bank robber and murderer) and member of the Oupinsky gang who has joined the Bolshevik Party, at the start of the book he is living in Switzerland, along with Lenin and other leading Bolsheviks.

Determined to carry out the orders of his chief, Lenin, he is possessed of remarkable strength, combined with a ruthlessness that results in his leaving a trail of cadavers in his wake as he crosses Europe to capture the war-winning secret weapon for the Bolsheviks. Amazingly for such a man, he has never learned to swim, and is frightened of the water, nearly drowning in the Baltic Sea as a result.

Excerpt from Red Wheels Turning

"So I'm looking for some strong able-bodied volunteers to man the lifeboats and help save the lives of those men."
Several passengers stepped forward, but Kolinski stayed where he was.
"Excellent," said the officer. His eyes met Kolinski's, and he looked Kolinski up and down. "We need a big strapping fellow like you," he said. "Come on."
"Can't swim," mumbled Kolinski.
"Doesn't matter. You'll have a lifejacket, and even if you do fall in, we'll have you out of there in no time at all."
Kolinski still hung back, and a woman's voice cut through the crowd. "It could be you in the water. Shame on you for refusing to help those poor men in there."
"Shame, shame," came the murmur from the crowd. Kolinski flushed. "Oh, very well," he muttered, and stepped forward.
His sheer physical size and strength, with a certain degree of low cunning allow him to overcome almost all the obstacles in his path, but he meets his match when confronted by Lieutenant Brian Finch-Malloy of the British Coldstream Guards in a final showdown in a forest outside Moscow.

Buy the paperback from:


Barnes & Noble

Signed copies direct from me:
Buy the ebook from:


Amazon Kindle (adds $2 for overseas sales):

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Book Review: A Plethory of Powers by Gerald Costlow

Fantasy author Gerald Costlow returns to his world of witches, elves, and the ancient being Keyotie the Trickster in A Plethory of Powers. This book starring Rose, the Witch of the Woods, contains two novellas: The Case of the Missing Succubus and Conference of Powers.

Both stories provide pleasant reading. As the title implies The Case of the Missing Succubus follows the mystery format as Rose is asked by the Dean of the White College to find one of his missing students, who turns out to be a succubus. Rose enlists the help of her friend Keyotie. He is a shapeshifter who can take the form of a man or coyote. People often mistake him for a dog, which irks him to no end. Keyotie is a character that Costlow can be proud of. Keyotie really makes both stories sparkle. His womanizing and general disregard of the rules of decent society somehow make him totally likable. Keyotie really is a character who can talk his way out of anything. And if that fails, he can shapeshift, bite you, and run away.

The next story, Conference of Powers offers a more complex narrative with more characters. It is really a happy romp through Costlow's fantasy world as he meanders through a series of mini adventures that manage to be funny and high stakes at the same time. I liked the ending of it too. Conference of Powers also pleased me by including the character of Rose's husband, Tom. He played a prominent and heartwarming role in Costlow's previous novel The Weaving, and I was glad to find him in this story. To tell the truth I missed his presence in The Case of the Missing Succubus. The episode in Conference of Powers in which Tom and Keyotie are forced to break into a witch's chambers naked in order to avoid her protection spells was pricelessly funny.

Costlow has a real talent for crafting fantasy stories that are both humorous and serious. Elements of serious issues from reality are incorporated in the stories and make them feel very genuine. For example, the fact that a succubus is meant to only seduce and consume sexual predators acknowledged the reality of rapists in society while making the succubus characters sympathetic instead of scary.    

A Plethory of Powers will provide you with an entertaining and clever introduction to the fantasy world and characters of Gerald Costlow. Whether or not you read this one before his main novel The Weaving does not matter. Both books deliver charming stories in a fun fantasy world, and Costlow's wit is always daring and quick on its feet.

I rate A Plethory of Powers four wags of a coyote's tail.

Sample A Plethory of Powers at Pill Hill Press.

Find the book at Amazon.

See more about Gerald Costlow.

Related post: Fantasy character profile: Keyotie the Trickster from A Plethory of Powers by Gerald Costlow

Friday, September 2, 2011

Review at Goodreads compares me to George R.R. Martin

Judgment Rising, the third book of The Rys Chronicles fantasy series
Reviews are always difficult for me to look at. They are like listening to someone criticize your children. Despite this discomfort, I do occasionally browse through what readers are saying at Goodreads. The other day I had the gratifying experience of finding a review on Goodreads from a member who has read The Rys Chronicles series. This reader compared me to George R.R. Martin, writing that "Tracy could fill the same kinds of shoes that George R.R. Martin fills."

I am certainly trying to do that! I discovered the Song of Ice and Fire after writing The Rys Chronicles. I greatly admire the writing of Martin. He really gets me wrapped up in the characters, especially Jon Snow and Daenerys. When I read A Game of Thrones, I jealously thought, "Darn, this guy is better than me." I like to think that I've improved my craft since then and that readers will see the improvements in my new series Rys Rising.

I will toot my own horn and say that I think I do one thing better than Martin, which is I tie up story lines and draw them together into a conclusion, as opposed to the ceaseless expansion of a meandering narrative.

This same Goodreads review that was placed on my novel Judgment Rising also added that my writing has "exquisite diction, resulting in some of the best poetic prose ever written."

Thanks for noticing! I'm glad you enjoyed my efforts. I labor over every phrase in my novels and am still seeking to improve.

You may see the complete review at this link:

Thursday, September 1, 2011

New chapter added 14. Urgings to Defiance

This morning I added Chapter 14. Urgings to Defiance to the fantasy web novel version of Rys Rising: Book I. The action switches to Jingten where Dacian remains under house arrest. He decides to ignore his probation and indulge in a trip to town. He rehashes an old argument with his father and then encounters Onja in the town square when she returns from the western tribal kingdoms. The tabre are extremely displeased with her wandering, and the beginnings of rebellion rumble in Dacian's heart.

I also have a couple other items of news.

The book blog Free Book Reviews is offering free ebooks to new subscribers. My novel Rys Rising: Book I is one of the prizes. It's normally 99 cents at Smashwords, but new subscribers at Albert Robbins III's blog will get a coupon to download Rys Rising for free at Smashwords. His blog updates frequently and is a good resource for discovering a variety of titles from indie authors. If you get my novel through his site be sure to leave a review for it at Smashwords.

Additionally, I offered all four novels of my other series The Rys Chronicles for a giveaway drawing at the Angle-on-a-move blog. You enter the drawing by leaving a comment on my guest post Building a good hero.