Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fantasy novel Rys Rising: Book I now available in hardcover

Fantasy isn't just for good guys. Rys Rising: Book I now in hardcover.
My fabulous new fantasy novel Rys Rising: Book I is now available as a hardcover. It will be produced at as a print-on-demand product. I've used Lulu over the years to produce advance reading copies and design prototypes and have personally been quite pleased with the quality of the books produced by this company.

The hardcover book I designed is in the casewrap style. This means that the cover art is printed directly onto the hardcover. There is no annoying book jacket to get ripped and be in your way while reading. Can you tell I hate book jackets?

I was pleased with the proof copy I had made for myself and think it looks quite smashing. I'm prejudiced of course. I have priced the hardcover version at $24 plus shipping. I am only making a couple dollars on each one because I want to keep the price point reasonable. Print products are not where I make my profits anyway. I do not plan to distribute this hardcover version through major retail channels because I would have to significantly raise the price to factor in additional payment to more middleman companies. My novels are long. This hardcover is 418 pages and print-on-demand manufacturing is quite expensive per unit. I have produced the hardcover for two reasons: 1) to satisfy the tiny number of readers interested in a print version, and 2) to have and to hold and cherish in my secret lair. Yes, I do pet it and smile at it.

To add this likely very rare hardcover to your book collection (at least until I break out and become insanely popular) click the Lulu button to arrange payment and shipping.

Rys Rising: Book I 6 x 9 inch hardcover, casewrap, 418 pages

$24.00 USD + shipping

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Please note: Paperback version coming soon.