Thursday, September 1, 2011

New chapter added 14. Urgings to Defiance

This morning I added Chapter 14. Urgings to Defiance to the fantasy web novel version of Rys Rising: Book I. The action switches to Jingten where Dacian remains under house arrest. He decides to ignore his probation and indulge in a trip to town. He rehashes an old argument with his father and then encounters Onja in the town square when she returns from the western tribal kingdoms. The tabre are extremely displeased with her wandering, and the beginnings of rebellion rumble in Dacian's heart.

I also have a couple other items of news.

The book blog Free Book Reviews is offering free ebooks to new subscribers. My novel Rys Rising: Book I is one of the prizes. It's normally 99 cents at Smashwords, but new subscribers at Albert Robbins III's blog will get a coupon to download Rys Rising for free at Smashwords. His blog updates frequently and is a good resource for discovering a variety of titles from indie authors. If you get my novel through his site be sure to leave a review for it at Smashwords.

Additionally, I offered all four novels of my other series The Rys Chronicles for a giveaway drawing at the Angle-on-a-move blog. You enter the drawing by leaving a comment on my guest post Building a good hero.