Sunday, September 11, 2011

New epic fantasy serial started at Wattpad

Start reading some awesome fantasy on your mobile device.
Wattpad is a very active online digital reading venue. Writers add their stories and readers can access them through a variety of devices. According to Wattpad it has 1 million registered users who add 3 million comments or votes each month. People read Wattpad content as a mobile application, a mobile site, or from any computer by visiting Right now the most popular device used at Wattpad is the iPhone.

I placed my first fantasy novel Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I on Wattpad in its entirety quite a while ago, and I know for a fact that some readers discovered me there and went on to buy more of my novels.

Now that I am launching a new fantasy series, I have started serializing the novel Rys Rising: Book I at Wattpad. I added the first chapter last Friday and will update the Wattpad version with a new chapter every Friday.

If you already use the Wattpad App, enter the code 2160964 to connect your device to my new fantasy novel.

If you want to get the Wattpad App, you can download it here.

While you're on the site, please vote for Rys Rising: Book I, leave a comment, or mention it at your social media venues.

About Rys Rising: Book I

An outlaw rises to become a dreaded warlord, the terror of kings. He takes the name Amar and seeks to join the Kez, the fiercest mercenary society in the tribal kingdoms of Gyhwen. His fearless ambition is inspired by Onja, a mysterious rys female whose magic has shaped Amar into a loyal friend. He zealously pursues her every command and hopes to join her in her mythic homeland of Jingten. But he knows little about the challenges confronting Onja. She and all rys are the reviled creations of the tabre of Nufal, and Onja longs to expel her hated masters. To liberate the rys, she knows that she will need more than Amar's help. Onja sees her best hope for an ally in Dacian, a prodigy among rys, but he is loyal to the ruling tabre order and dreams of winning equality for the rys nonviolently. He holds tenaciously to his ideals even as the tabre brutally subjugate him. Will he endure more dark abuses for the sake of peace or reach out to Onja? And what fate is Amar blindly embracing as he kills for her? Like a tree crashing in a storm, all civilizations will crack when hit by the force of the rys rising.

Available for free in Epub, Kindle-compatible PRC, and Adobe PDF.

Click here to download the free ebook right now.