Sunday, September 25, 2011

News for today

Thank you to Matt D. Williams for interviewing me at the Jak Phoenix Universe today. A while back I wrote a review of his fun space adventure Jak Phoenix and I heartily recommend it. It takes some guts to publish your humor and Williams made me laugh while entertaining me with some solid space opera.

Last night one of my readers who has read all of my novels, emailed me because he had finished my newest one Rys Rising: Book I. He kindly told me that it was "absolutely wonderful." That was a nice pick-me-up for what has been a difficult week at home.

Tomorrow expect to see a post here about the launch of the serial podcast of Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I at I'm officially entering the medium of audio.

On Tuesday, I'll be publishing a character profile from Covenant of the Faceless Knights by Gary F. Vanucci. If you are an author please look at how to submit a character profile to Her Ladyship's Quest.

Good night. I'm off to spend some time reading the manuscript of New Religion: Rys Rising Book III.