Friday, September 2, 2011

Review at Goodreads compares me to George R.R. Martin

Judgment Rising, the third book of The Rys Chronicles fantasy series
Reviews are always difficult for me to look at. They are like listening to someone criticize your children. Despite this discomfort, I do occasionally browse through what readers are saying at Goodreads. The other day I had the gratifying experience of finding a review on Goodreads from a member who has read The Rys Chronicles series. This reader compared me to George R.R. Martin, writing that "Tracy could fill the same kinds of shoes that George R.R. Martin fills."

I am certainly trying to do that! I discovered the Song of Ice and Fire after writing The Rys Chronicles. I greatly admire the writing of Martin. He really gets me wrapped up in the characters, especially Jon Snow and Daenerys. When I read A Game of Thrones, I jealously thought, "Darn, this guy is better than me." I like to think that I've improved my craft since then and that readers will see the improvements in my new series Rys Rising.

I will toot my own horn and say that I think I do one thing better than Martin, which is I tie up story lines and draw them together into a conclusion, as opposed to the ceaseless expansion of a meandering narrative.

This same Goodreads review that was placed on my novel Judgment Rising also added that my writing has "exquisite diction, resulting in some of the best poetic prose ever written."

Thanks for noticing! I'm glad you enjoyed my efforts. I labor over every phrase in my novels and am still seeking to improve.

You may see the complete review at this link: