Friday, October 21, 2011

Enter the HARDCOVER Rys Rising: Book I giveaway on Goodreads members living in the United States can enter my giveaway for 1 copy of the Hardcover version of Rys Rising: Book I. The giveaway opened today October 21st and will close October 28th, next Friday. I'm not sure why the book cover won't show for the giveaway listing, but there's always something going wrong with my marketing. Anyway, click the "Enter to win" button below and in a week, Goodreads will select the winner and notify me. Because of shipping costs, the hardcover giveaway is only available to people with a U.S. address. The winner will receive the book directly from Lulu that is my print-on-demand manufacturer. I really like this version. It's a casewrap hardcover meaning that the art is printed directly on the cover and there is no book jacket. This hardcover is 407 pages and a $24 value.

Also note on the giveaway page there will be a link that says "read on Goodreads". I have enabled the ebook version to be a free read right at Goodreads, so add it to your to-read list and start sampling it right in your browser. You can download it too if you want.

Good luck!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Rys Rising by Tracy Falbe

Rys Rising

by Tracy Falbe

Giveaway ends October 28, 2011.
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