Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Upcoming blog appearances

Tomorrow I'm expecting an interview to appear at the Just A Girl blog of author Heidi Ruby Miller. She kindly agreed to interview me as I promote my newest novel Rys Rising: Book I in little dribs and drabs. Honestly I've been too busy working on getting the sequel Savage Storm presentable that I haven't come up with any brilliant marketing schemes for my new series. I guess I have the rest of my life to promote my novels. That's the great thing about being an indie writer. I get to keep my work available to the public for as long as I want. No one is going to decide my chance is over and kick me to the curb.

Heidi Ruby Miller describes herself as someone who loves "science fiction, high-heeled shoes, action movies, Chanel, loud music, and of course, romance."

She is the author of: Ambasadora

I also received an email today that fantasy author W. Brondt Kamffer who will soon be posting a mini review of the Union of Renegades podcast. Eight chapters are live so far and new chapters will be added every week. If you'd like to know Kamffer's opinions on the audiobook thus far, please go subscribe to updates at his website.

Kamffer is the author of The Ossian Chronicles: