Monday, November 14, 2011

Indie writer news -- Cover art and Pre-order discount

Cover art and a deleted scene

Paranormal romance author J.R. Pearse Nelson revealed at her blog on Saturday the cover art for her upcoming novel Vessel. In the post announcing the arrival of cover art, Nelson includes a scene cut from the final version of a previous novel titled Tribute. Read the scene that the author loves but chose not to include.

I like this deleted scenes concept for writers. I enjoy watching them in the extras on DVDs so I think it will transfer nicely to the medium of novels. Of course I never have any deleted scenes to share from my novels. If I cut it out believe me it needed to be cut out. And if I love it, then I will find a way to make it work. However, I fully understand that not everyone is like me (a fact painfully apparent every day of my life), so I recommend reading Nelson's deleted scene. Her reason for removing it makes sense. It was a point of view issue and not a quality issue.

Daniel L. Carter announces sequel to The Unwanted

Almost one year ago I reviewed The Unwanted positively, and the author emailed me recently to announce the upcoming release of the next book in the series The Children of Anak. It's the second book in Carter's sci fi G-6 Chronicles, and he's hoping to release it by December 9th. Carter is offer a Christmas promotion on pre-orders through his website. Readers will get 20 percent off an autographed copy.

Please go his website G-6 Chronicles: The Unwanted Trilogy to order The Children of Anak and see more about Carter's science fiction.