Friday, November 18, 2011

New Release! Complete epic fantasy audiobook Union of Renegades

Union of Renegades is now available in as audiobook. All 40 chapters of this epic fantasy are now for sale in mp3 format. I have set up a page for the Union of Renegades fantasy audiobook at Brave Luck Books or you can sample or purchase it right here too.

The audiobook provides approximately 19 hours of listening, including the entire novel Union of Renegades plus an excerpt from The Goddess Queen.

Visit the Fantasy Audiobooks page at this blog to download a sample or purchase the entire audiobook.

Some of you might be aware that Union of Renegades is currently being serialized as a podcast at Podiobooks that also syndicates into iTunes. It's going to be several more months before all the chapters are up there, so hopefully you've become hooked enough on the story to buy the audiobook.

Or some of my readers may like to purchase it as a gift for an audiobook enthusiast. And my most hardcore fans may just want to relive the adventures while commuting.