Friday, December 23, 2011

Introducing Tracy Falbe Etsy

Vintage findings and original fiction at Tracy Falbe's Etsy store Perfect Pages
Since the end of summer I have been gradually building a store at I'm doing this because I adore, I appreciate its purpose, and I want to be part of its marketplace.

What is Etsy?

Etsy is an online marketplace where artisans and vintage and antique lovers can sell their items. All manner of fine artists and crafters sell on Etsy. You can get original works of art, jewelry, home decor, clothing, garden decor, fancy baked goods, flower seeds, floral arrangements, and so forth on Etsy. You can also find vintage books, dishes, clothing, and thousands of other items. Another interesting segment of the Etsy scene is the upcyclers. These people take old or salvaged items and make new things. There really is no limit on the variety of items you'll see people make to sell on Etsy.

Why do I like Etsy?

I support Etsy's purpose to provide real people with a place to sell goods to other people. It is about allowing people a place to make an income from doing what they love. It's a place where handmade creativity can pay off. Many people make a full time living at Etsy. Others make an income on the side.

Shoppers at Etsy get to know that the money they spend is going to support actual individuals, instead of some corporation that sends jobs overseas. Etsy shoppers appreciate the opportunity to buy something besides goods made in foreign sweatshops and sold in box stores. It's a nice way to encourage the consumer paradigm to shift from exploitation (cheap goods and inhumane wages) to nurturing a nicer economy (paying for value and supporting the people who make the goods). As an independent creative businessperson, I am completely on board with what I see going on at Etsy.

What do I sell on Etsy?

Because I am a written word artist, it may seem difficult for me to participate in Etsy. Even so, I have listed my fantasy fiction ebooks there as well as my audiobook. See my original fiction section.

But wait. I'm an estate sale junkie.

Going shopping at a store seems so boring to me now. I like the mystery and excitement of going through someone's house and garage. I never know what I will find.

My husband and I buy all kinds of things at estate and garage sales. He's begun dabbling in the auction scene too. We buy everything from furniture to art prints to kitchen utensils to toys to electronics. It saves us a lot of money and vintage items are often of better quality than goods produced today.

While shopping I keep an eye out for interesting vintage books. Some of them I sell as whole books, but others I take apart to sell the illustrations and pictures inside them. These I list in the vintage supplies category at Etsy for people to use in scrapbooks, collages, or to scan and use in new works of art.

I've also developed a few pieces of upcycled wall decor by framing vintage book pages. I've been rather pleased with the results. The wall decor is hanging in my house. I almost hope they don't sell because I like them so much.

Right now I am in the process of listing vintage art prints recovered from the 12 volume 1958 Metropolitan Seminars in Art. These vintage prints are of famous or interesting works of art from various periods in art history. So far I've sold a lovely Renoir print. I expect more will sell as time goes by. There's a couple prints from this collection that I think I will keep for myself.

Going forward, I'll be showcasing some of my vintage finds here at Her Ladyship's Quest.

I recommend that people add to their online shopping venues. It really is one of the best places to find unique gifts. And artisans and vintage addicts can find an endless supply of interesting objects to stimulate their imaginations. 
Vintage findings and original fiction at Tracy Falbe's Etsy store.