Saturday, December 3, 2011

Meet Amar from the Rys Rising fantasy series

Character Profile: Amar
Amar is a complex man. At times he can be supremely confident, but deep down he is tormented by his great failure to defend his tiny tribe. But there is no fixing the great devastation that swept away the life he was born to, and he focuses on serving Onja, the magical rys that fortuitously appeared at the moment he should have died. Her magic saved him and will influence him for the rest of his life.

Amar loves serving Onja. Her greatness soothes all his sorrows. Joining her glorious quest for power sets him on the path to becoming a warrior wrapped in mystery and fear. When she tells him to seek power and be as great as he can be, he defies outlaws and kings alike to achieve her goals. And Amar leverages his extraordinary relationship with Onja to attract loyal men.

Through a combination of shocking deeds and magical help, Amar quickly earns a reputation as a fearsome figure in the tribal kingdoms of Gyhwen. The peasants of the Sabar'Uto Domain whisper that he is the dro-shalum, which means curse demon.

Amar likes the name.

Famous quotes:

“You have a great sense of possession over she who dances naked before so many."

“My Lord must agree that this head is sufficient evidence that your enemy is dead.”

“I’m not going to touch you nor let any other man touch you. Lax Ar Fu wants your ransom. I’m not going to throw away that gold just for the pleasure of breaking you in.”

To join Amar on his adventures, download a free copy of Rys Rising: Book I. No matter what he does, serving Onja makes it right.

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