Thursday, December 8, 2011

Online appearances and web activities

On Monday December 12th I will be a Highlighted Author at Beyond Worlds, a blog dedicated to fantasy and sci fi authors. I submitted my guest post for this feature a couple months ago, so I had to look at my records to see what I had written. I wrote an essay featuring Amar from Rys Rising: Book I and talked about the pleasures of writing a novel that embraces the bad guy.

I titled the guest post Fantasy Isn't Just About Good Guys. Visit Beyond Worlds on Monday to read what I have to say. Or find out what I'm talking about right now and download Rys Rising: Book I for free and spend some time with Amar.

I'm participating in the Good Tidings & Trimmings ebook giveaway organized by the Great Minds Think Aloud Literary Community. This is a massive giveaway drawing with dozens of prizes, among them ebook copies of Rys Rising: Book I and Savage Storm: Rys Rising Book II. See the giant list of prizes and enter.

In case you missed it earlier...

One of my favorite ways to promote my novels is to offer excerpts for publication at other blogs. It's the classic free taste, like those little cubes of cheese on toothpicks at the farmers' market. My most recent excerpts around the web can be found at these places:

Over at Indie Snippets - the best little blog for discovering indie ebooks - I snipped a scene from Rys Rising: Book I from the climax of Amar and Urlen's initiation into an outlaw brotherhood.

The book blog To Read or Not To Read published a flash excerpt from Savage Storm in which the rys seize a tower from their overlords.

Paranormal romance author J.R. Pearse Nelson kindly published this flash excerpt from Savage Storm that reveals a quiet moment of conversation between Cruce and Rayden as they prepare for a siege.