Thursday, December 8, 2011

Union of Renegades audiobook review

Thank you to W. Brondt Kamffer author of the Ossian Chronicles for listening to the entire audiobook Union of Renegades and writing a very thoughtful review. (Read the full review of the fantasy audiobook.)

Kamffer found the story in Union of Renegades quite engaging and he wrote that he "hungrily devoured each chapter." It's always great to hear that.

Kamffer did have some issues of dislike for some of the main characters, but he did find them to be very real and genuine people, which for me means I succeeded in crafting characters. However, Kamffer often finds them irritating (just like real people). He disliked the heroine Miranda the most. Although I find his opinion that she brought all her problems on herself and self inflicted her wounds rather mystifying, I will admit that she is a character that invites the most criticism. Personally I like and admire her. She's born into a horrible life in a world that is literally against her and she decides ultimately to fight for her freedom. Of course in real life people tend to revile most a woman who rejects her oppression and chooses to stand up for herself. I suspect this is why Miranda gains the least sympathy among readers. I accept that maybe I could have written her better, but she is one of the very first characters I ever created. Her first fictional steps started in 1997. If I had done a better job creating her, then perhaps more people would be able to appreciate her.

My character the rys Shan, however, did appeal to Kamffer, who really liked Shan. Kamffer wrote:
"Of all the characters in the story, it is really Shan, the non-human Rys lord, who gave me someone to cheer. His cause is right. His heart is noble. His manner is gentle."
Although it was many years ago now that I wrote Shan, I was very much in love with him when I created him. He needs to be someone worth cheering. In Union of Renegades he inspires a rebellion in which his adherents risk their lives and very souls.

Thank you to W. Brondt Kamffer for taking the time to review Union of Renegades. He even managed to enjoy it and recommend it despite its gritty similarities to blockbuster fantasy author George R.R. Martin. Kamffer dislikes Martin's saga because of its lack of good noble-hearted characters. That's a fair enough criticism, but I actually enjoy Martin's writing quite a bit. For the record I wrote the entirety of The Rys Chronicles before ever reading the Song of Ice and Fire, but I am a great admirer of Martin. My fantasy fiction isn't quite as harsh as his, but we do share a realistic view of how people think and act.

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