Wednesday, December 7, 2011

You know it's winter when you decide to watch Canadian movies

I happened upon the title FUBAR: Balls to the Wall while browsing my Netflix service. A movie with the tag line Spinal Tap meets the Trailer Park Boys simply demands my attention. Although any nice lady would disavow ever selecting such a title for viewing, I watched the whole thing in one sitting while my kids were at school. (Yes, I watch horribly inappropriate non-family content while my glorious offspring are safely ensconced in a government institution.)

This movie will delight people who enjoy losers with a disdain for sobriety, have ever been to an eviction party, consider workers' comp fraud a worthy goal, and are horrified by the abomination known as the Alberta tar sands.

My review:

I extend my happiest compliments to a story that can find a silver lining in testicular cancer and manage to be a heartwarming Christmas tale.

FUBAR: Balls to the Wall is a Canadian comedy that I rate NOT SAFE FOR YOUR CHILDREN OR YOUR PARENTS.