Sunday, January 8, 2012

Update on New Religion: Rys Rising Book III

I have just finished the second major edit of my next fantasy novel, New Religion: Rys Rising Book III. This was my second edit done on a paper. I edit my novels both on paper and on screen two or three times as I develop the story, improve the prose, and fix errors.

I estimate that I am still on track to finish editing New Religion in the month of January. There are still some details in the story I am tinkering with, but overall I am happy with the story.

The cover art is expected by February, so I remain on schedule for a February release. I'm very excited about it of course and once it's published I can get back to writing the next book. Love Lost: Rys Rising Book IV is about half written. I like what I have so far but pulling all the characters and story lines of an epic together is hard work. Writing the other novels in a series is always easier than writing the conclusion.

As I work to finish the Rys Rising series, please be sure to download your free copy of Rys Rising: Book I and know that Savage Storm: Rys Rising Book II is available for sale right now.