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Flash Fiction - Night of the Fenthakrabi

Very quietly, Jamesen pulled himself out the window. His little brother Wysim was still in their bedroom and looked terrified, as if he were the one about to walk the dark forest path.

“Don’t latch the shutters,” Jamesen whispered.

“But the monsters will get me,” Wysim protested.

“Don’t latch it. I need a way back in,” Jamesen said. He had already gone over this with Wysim after swearing him to secrecy with imaginative threats.

“All right, but I gotta make it look shut,” Wysim said and pulled the shutters back in place.

“Go to bed,” Jamesen whispered through the shutters after making sure his brother had not latched them.

Turning away from his family’s modest thatched-roof cottage, Jamesen scanned the village. A full moon hung over the roofs. The voices of men drinking in the village square drifted down the lane, but otherwise Wa Gira was snug in bed. He dashed toward the rickety stockade and climbed it easily. He was a wiry and strong lad and about to prove himself to the older boys.

Young men this side of the river distinguished themselves by approaching the Wilderness. Although everyone believed the legends about the Wilderness with unwavering zeal, Jamesen had accepted the dare to enter the forbidden. Yancy, Dugger, and Jesh had all said they had done it, and Jamesen meant to do it too.

His thumping heart fired his courage when he dropped to the ground outside the village. No one guarded the fence. The barrier sufficed to keep wild animals out, and he ran across the fields without any worries of being seen and stopped.

The mottled face of the glowing moon seduced the black heart of the night. The magical light ushered Jamesen into the wild lands. The lushness of summer swelled from the fields and pastures. Singing insects and the high fluting calls of night birds added layers of life to the fruitful land.

The Wilderness was always close. Its omnipresent lifeforce menaced frontier enclaves like Wa Gira that only pecked at the vast unknown wilds like squirrels rummaging for nuts in piles of leaves.

Jamesen ran westward across the fields. The forest loomed and he scanned its dark edge that scoffed at the moonlight brightening the open places.

He slowed when he ran beneath the trees. His friends had to be close.

“Come out. Don’t try to spook me,” Jamesen called.

Crickets kept screeching and the whine of an approaching horde of mosquitoes were his only reply. Bracing himself to endure the bugs, Jamesen called out again.

Three howling screams came from three directions, and Jamesen jumped with alarm even though he knew who was there. Yancy, Dugger, and Jesh lunged out from behind trees and grabbed him. Jamesen laughed. They shoved him around a little but not with malice.

“We thought you’d be too scared to come,” Jesh said.

The darkness hid Jamesen’s frown. They were silly to underestimate him. He would prove his daring, even if he was two years younger.

“I want to see it,” Jamesen said.

“See it? If you see it, you’re dead. Hearing it is being close enough,” Yancy said.

This statement pricked Jamesen’s adolescent bravado with a thorn of proper fear. Yancy picked up a lantern he had hidden in some ferns. With the tiny light, he led his friends deeper into the forest. The path disappeared. They picked their way slowly and often tripped on bulging roots. Jesh insisted it was best to stay quiet so they would not attract a hunting predator. Moonlight penetrated the tree canopy in random places, and the erratic shafts of silvery blue highlighted old gnarled trunks.

After groping across land that inclined upward for a long time, they reached rocky outcroppings at the base of cliffs.

Dugger pointed to a massive old pine. Its wind-bent top reached as high as the cliff.

“So that’s the tree I must climb?” Jamesen whispered.

“Yes,” Dugger said.

Jamesen studied the gap between the tree branches and the cliff top. “There’s no way any of you jumped across,” he accused.

“No,” Yancy admitted. “We just say that to impress you younger boys. Anyone with balls enough to come here learns the truth. You just need to climb the tree.”

Jamesen’s courage gave way to caution as he pondered climbing up that high. He wanted reassurance that the risk would be worth it.

“If I go up there, then I’ll hear the fenthakrabi?” Jamesen said.

The other three boys gasped. “Don’t say its name,” Jesh hissed.

Jamesen regretted the lapse. He knew better. Finding out that he did not actually have to set foot on the forbidden land was a little comforting. No man who ventured there ever came back, and it made sense that the boasts of the older boys were not entirely true. They had just looked in and listened for the beast. “I’ll do it,” he said.

The boys boosted Jamesen into the tree. He climbed carefully. Pine needles scratched him and the bark was rough and sticky on his palms. When he reached a gap in the branches and had no way to safely go higher, he judged that he had gone far enough. He could see into the untouched forest on the higher land. Large trees crowded the edge. Roots gripped the exposed stone for dear life. Jamesen stared into the leviathan of mystery that loomed over his tiny life. He felt as small as a sparrow and wondered what the shadows within the untouched forest were hiding. Legend said that this was the gateway to a land where Gods had fought a war and only ghosts remained. He strained his ears but heard only the normal sounds like in the woods around Wa Gira.

It seemed like he waited a long time, but the moon had only moved a little. Uncomfortable and starting to miss the firmness of Ektren beneath his feet, Jamesen began to wonder if this whole outing was a big joke. Maybe the other boys had left him. Maybe the fenthakrabi was just a story meant to scare children. Maybe no one ever went beyond the cliffs because there was no reason to go there.

Convinced that he had just made a fool of himself and would have to hike home alone, Jamesen started down. He disliked the sticky pitch building up on his hands. He knew it was hard to wash off, but at least the scent was pleasing.

When he dropped to the ground, he was happily surprised to find his companions still present. Yancy raised the lantern. The yellow light from the tallow candle revealed his young face with a sprouting mustache. “Why did you come down so soon?” he said.

“This is just a joke. I don’t believe you ever heard it,” Jamesen declared.

“Give it more time,” Yancy said.

“I swear I heard it screaming up there when I climbed,” Jesh said. “We’ve all heard it.”

Dugger nodded with such solemnity that Jamesen began to believe them again.

“Go back up. You can’t come this far and not stay to hear it,” Dugger encouraged.

Wishing that he had not given into his impatience, Jamesen reconsidered. He wanted to hear it. More importantly he wanted to be able to brag about hearing it.

His companions boosted him into the tree again. As he grabbed the first branch, a shrieking roar bludgeoned the boys with terror. Much too close, the shriek sounded again and a chorus of adolescent screams answered it. The hands holding Jamesen’s feet were torn away and he barely kept his hold on the tree. Frantic as a squirrel, he pulled himself up onto a thick branch and watched the violence unfold below.

The lantern had fallen when Yancy flung up his hands in a futile attempt to ward off the beast. The candle managed to stay lit and its meager light revealed the shaggy bulk that crushed Yancy to the ground. Two arms swung with brutal strength and claws ripped Yancy’s torso open. While Yancy was still screaming on the threshold of death, the fenthakrabi whirled. Nasty long fangs gleamed from its long snout. It pounced toward Dugger who was staggering backward in terror. Its long golden mane streamed back from its vicious head. It tackled Dugger and ripped him open too. Jesh dashed into the forest. The fenthakrabi snuffled after his trail before circling back to its eviscerated victims.

Jamesen moaned as the fenthakrabi gobbled the organs of his friends. With a shriek, it looked up at him. Jamesen was shaking so hard he almost lost his grip, but then he tightened his hold until the rough bark cut his hands. The fenthakrabi went to the tree. Its claws dug in and lifted its muscular bulk. Jamesen screamed and shut his eyes, but he knew his paralysis was certain death. Dragging his courage out of hiding, he climbed to the next branch. Growling, the fenthakrabi reached the first branch and snarled and snapped at Jamesen’s feet. He went a branch higher. The fenthakrabi tore into the tree trunk again, but the branch beneath it broke and it fell twisting and roaring. It hit the ground hard but jumped up quick and slashed at the tree in a fury. Jamesen climbed higher. Five times the fenthakrabi climbed into the tree but could never gain purchase into the higher branches. Finally it returned to its victims.

Even from his height Jamesen could hear chomping on juicy flesh and crunching of bones. Smacking lips intruded vividly onto his mind even as he shut his eyes tightly.

After a while a second beast came and a fight erupted. When the dispute was settled, one fenthakrabi dragged away a body and the first one stayed to finish consuming Yancy.

All night Jamesen wept in the tree until his dehydrated body could yield no more tears. When dawn came he peered with crusty eyes through the pine boughs. The fenthakrabi lounged on its stomach next to the grotesquely ravaged remains. Its bloody fur was bright with unrepentant savagery in the morning light. It lazily licked an exposed femur until it fell asleep.

Jamesen clung to his perch, exhausted but knowing he could not fall asleep. He might fall. He passed the day in a horrified stupor while the fenthakrabi napped. Crows began landing in nearby trees and cawed impatiently. Late in the day, the fenthakrabi began digging and throwing dirt and leaves over Yancy’s remains. Then the unholy beast moved off with a half upright gait.

This could be his only chance to get away, but how close was the beast? Eventually he accepted that his thirst and hunger would weaken him rapidly, and he would need strength to run back to Wa Gira. He meant to run very fast.

Slowly he came down the tree. When he dropped to the ground, he expected to be immediately assaulted but nothing happened. Despite telling himself not to, he looked at the mound that covered what was left of Yancy. Jamesen shivered with guilt. He never should have said the name of the beast on the threshold of its wild domain.

Then he was running. The soulless beast might be tracking him right now, but hopefully the two he had seen were too gorged to hunt.

He wondered if Jesh had gotten away, but mostly Jamesen longed for the blissful safety of home. What madness had driven him to seek the fenthakrabi? The need to prove his bravery now presented itself as inexplicably stupid.

Staggering with exhaustion, he tripped and put out a hand as he fell. A painful snap in his wrist jolted him out of his daze. Moaning and gritting his teeth, he got back to his feet and hurried onward, cradling his broken wrist.

When he heard shouting, his shocked mind could not process it. Jamesen screamed when a group of men rushed toward him. They were men from the village. Jamesen’s hysterics eased as he was comforted by the presence of his community. His father rushed forward and embraced him gratefully. Jamesen blubbered that Yancy and Dugger were dead. He learned that Jesh had survived.

Jamesen had seen the fenthakrabi and lived. He had a story to tell, but he would not brag about it. He wished that he had been content to simply believe the legends. Believing was better than seeing.


Thank you for reading this fantasy flash. The world depicted in it was taken from my epic full length fiction. Please consider my novels available at

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This flash story is a work of fiction. The characters and events described herein are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not done on purpose by the author.

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Add ebooks saved on your computer to your kindle

Watch this video tutorial that quickly demonstrates how to load ebooks on your computer to your kindle.

People who own kindles can benefit from learning how to add ebooks and other content saved on their computers to their kindles with the usb cord connection. When you know how to do this you can purchase ebooks anywhere that offers a compatible format, download free samples from anywhere, and read your own personal or business content on your kindle. Expanding the ways you can enjoy your ebook reader will make it a more versatile device for you. Amazon naturally wants you to only access content from it, but not everyone appreciates having a giant company dictate access to content. It's good to have options.

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Thank you to for producing this video and sharing it.

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Just Published! New Religion: Rys Rising Book III fantasy ebook

The third book in the Rys Rising epic fantasy series was released today in digital formats.
After a ridiculous amount of effort, I published New Religion: Rys Rising Book III last night. I'm so thrilled to have this novel out to the world. I worked very hard on it, but I'm eager to get back to writing the next novel in the series.

Right now New Religion is available here and at Brave Luck Books in Epub, Kindle PRC, and PDF ebook formats. In the coming days and weeks, it will distribute to numerous online retail channels.

About the novel:

Believing the frontier to finally be free of savages, Cruce Chenomet returns home ready to enjoy life. The pleasures of love beckon him toward happiness, but a hostile world denies him the peace he craves. The rys monarchs Dacian and Onja continue to plot the destruction of Nufal and the hated tabre. Onja opens a two front campaign meant to expand her dominion over the western tribal kingdoms and bring misery and ruin to Nufal. She commands Amar to lead marauders into Nufal. Excited to be set loose upon new and foreign lands, he attacks without mercy and even dares to fight magical tabre. In the west, Onja’s holy war rages as she continues to crush old idols and remake society. Demeda and Loxane expand their influence as the messengers of the conquering faith. In Nufal the rivalry between tabre Sects threatens their delicate alliance, and Tempet and Alloi begin to attract the loyalty of the people. This epic story continues with passion, ambition, courage, cruelty, and ever expanding magical powers. Warlords, refugees, politicians, warriors, child soldiers, and priests drive the high stakes action. The faith of all peoples will be tested and bested and forced to embrace a new religion.

The ebook is available worldwide.
Purchase the ebook for $4.95 from Brave Luck Books.

If you haven't read any of the Rys Rising novels and want to start the series, you can download Rys Rising: Book I for free and get started on a hard-hitting, passionate epic.

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Books, Ebooks & Audiobooks on Ebay, Auctions ending today & tomorrow

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I'm sexier than I realized

I've expanded distribution of my fantasy novels to two new retail sites that I honestly never considered before.

Erotic Escapes Ebooks
All Romance Ebooks

Although I never fancied myself a romance or erotica writer, I'm excited about listing my novels at these sites that appeal to readers with spicier tastes.

I discovered that my novels did not need to be XXX passion fests to be included. These sites sell novels appealing to all levels of sensuality from handholding to...well, things I never even knew about.

Am I bothered to have my novels alongside bodice rippers, vampire fantasies, and gay cowboy romps? Not in the least.

What made me decide to enter the romance marketplace? A couple things...

Last month I received an email from Deb Cole of Erotic Escapes Ebooks inviting me to list my novels at her ebook site. If you know much about being a creative independent businessperson you'll know that you don't get many invitations to anything, so I was intrigued. I'm always looking for more places to be discovered by more readers, so I could think of no reason not to participate at Erotic Escapes Ebooks.

Cole's invitation actually came quite soon after receiving a vicious 1-star review for my most recent novel Savage Storm at Amazon. This attack came from a reader of all my novels and he bitterly complained about the sexual content of my new novel. I was a little surprised by his vitriol because all of my novels have sexual content. I'll admit I have increased the sensuality of my story telling because I like it and I have good reason to think that many other readers like it too. When I wrote The Rys Chronicles I kept it in PG-13 territory because I thought I had to. This was the only type of fantasy content I had ever encountered. Then I started reading the Song of Ice and Fire saga by George R.R. Martin and discovered much to my delight that epic fantasy no longer had to be restricted to Victorian notions about keeping everyone's pants up.

So, even though I wish I had not offended a heretofore loyal reader, I am unable to regret writing my newer novels in a sexier way.

The scathing review also derided me for being a romance/erotica author. This puzzled me because I have never considered myself to be a writer in that style. I enjoy writing love scenes but I never thought I included enough of them in my stories to qualify as romantic. Some of my characters have sex lives, and I believe this adds to the intensity of the epic tales I create, but love and lust are only elements in my stories not the main drivers.

Because I unexpectedly stand accused of writing romance, I figured I might as well go with it. If they're going to light the fire underneath me for being a witch, I might as well cast some spells.

Having accepted that I apparently have no clue how to categorize my fiction, I went looking for another place to enter the romance market and found All Romance Ebooks. This well established market is very receptive to indie writers, so all my novels are now there too.

I gave the four novels of The Rys Chronicles 1 flame ratings, which means that sexual content is minimal, politely described, and often off stage.

I gave Rys Rising: Book I a 2 flame rating because it has some love scenes in the last half of the novel.

I gave Savage Storm: Rys Rising Book II a 3 flame rating although I'm not entirely sure it qualifies. It does have more sexual content than Book I, but it is a far cry from outright erotica, or even hot romance.

So there it is. My fantasy fiction is now alongside horny executives, hunky highlanders, and erotic werewolves.  

As time goes on I expect to be ridiculed in these markets for not being hot enough.

Thanks for visiting Her Ladyship's Quest. I'll go back to preparing New Religion: Rys Rising Book III for publication. It's releasing February 14th.

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Cover Reveal - New Religion: Rys Rising Book III

Check out the cover art for my next novel
New Religion: Rys Rising Book III.
Thank you to the team at AvatarArt for developing this portrait of the character Loxane. My readers know her as the Shamaness of the Kelsur Tribe. Those who have read Savage Storm know that she has earned a new title: High Priestess to the Goddess Onja.

I'll publish this novel on February 14th. I'll consider it a Valentine to myself because I have poured so much love into creating this novel. I'm giving it a final proofread right now.

If you want to be notified as soon as New Religion is available please visit the novel's brand new page at Brave Luck Books and use the form to join my readers' list.