Monday, February 6, 2012

I'm sexier than I realized

I've expanded distribution of my fantasy novels to two new retail sites that I honestly never considered before.

Erotic Escapes Ebooks
All Romance Ebooks

Although I never fancied myself a romance or erotica writer, I'm excited about listing my novels at these sites that appeal to readers with spicier tastes.

I discovered that my novels did not need to be XXX passion fests to be included. These sites sell novels appealing to all levels of sensuality from handholding to...well, things I never even knew about.

Am I bothered to have my novels alongside bodice rippers, vampire fantasies, and gay cowboy romps? Not in the least.

What made me decide to enter the romance marketplace? A couple things...

Last month I received an email from Deb Cole of Erotic Escapes Ebooks inviting me to list my novels at her ebook site. If you know much about being a creative independent businessperson you'll know that you don't get many invitations to anything, so I was intrigued. I'm always looking for more places to be discovered by more readers, so I could think of no reason not to participate at Erotic Escapes Ebooks.

Cole's invitation actually came quite soon after receiving a vicious 1-star review for my most recent novel Savage Storm at Amazon. This attack came from a reader of all my novels and he bitterly complained about the sexual content of my new novel. I was a little surprised by his vitriol because all of my novels have sexual content. I'll admit I have increased the sensuality of my story telling because I like it and I have good reason to think that many other readers like it too. When I wrote The Rys Chronicles I kept it in PG-13 territory because I thought I had to. This was the only type of fantasy content I had ever encountered. Then I started reading the Song of Ice and Fire saga by George R.R. Martin and discovered much to my delight that epic fantasy no longer had to be restricted to Victorian notions about keeping everyone's pants up.

So, even though I wish I had not offended a heretofore loyal reader, I am unable to regret writing my newer novels in a sexier way.

The scathing review also derided me for being a romance/erotica author. This puzzled me because I have never considered myself to be a writer in that style. I enjoy writing love scenes but I never thought I included enough of them in my stories to qualify as romantic. Some of my characters have sex lives, and I believe this adds to the intensity of the epic tales I create, but love and lust are only elements in my stories not the main drivers.

Because I unexpectedly stand accused of writing romance, I figured I might as well go with it. If they're going to light the fire underneath me for being a witch, I might as well cast some spells.

Having accepted that I apparently have no clue how to categorize my fiction, I went looking for another place to enter the romance market and found All Romance Ebooks. This well established market is very receptive to indie writers, so all my novels are now there too.

I gave the four novels of The Rys Chronicles 1 flame ratings, which means that sexual content is minimal, politely described, and often off stage.

I gave Rys Rising: Book I a 2 flame rating because it has some love scenes in the last half of the novel.

I gave Savage Storm: Rys Rising Book II a 3 flame rating although I'm not entirely sure it qualifies. It does have more sexual content than Book I, but it is a far cry from outright erotica, or even hot romance.

So there it is. My fantasy fiction is now alongside horny executives, hunky highlanders, and erotic werewolves.  

As time goes on I expect to be ridiculed in these markets for not being hot enough.

Thanks for visiting Her Ladyship's Quest. I'll go back to preparing New Religion: Rys Rising Book III for publication. It's releasing February 14th.