Thursday, March 29, 2012

Auctions are emotional rollercoasters

In February I did some bidding in a live auction for the first time. I won one item and had to back down and lose on another item. All of it was great fun and I can understand why auctions enjoy an underground popularity.

People go to auctions for many reasons. They want to get a bargain. They want to shop for antiques. They want to watch other people bid way too high on junk. (This is quite entertaining.) They want to buy stock for their second hand shops. They also might be looking to enjoy the serendipity of running across an oddity and buying it.

In my observations, most people appear to enjoy attending auctions even if they don't bid on anything. But bidding is the most enjoyable part. Now that I've experienced live bidding, I can share that it is instantly addictive. When an item I was interested in started working its way up to the front, my heart rate jumped. My anticipation was very intense. My time to actually place a bid was at hand. I admonished myself to stick to my budget while my inner voice blathered, "I want it! I'm going to win! I want it!"

Once I placed a bid, another person outbid me, and things happened fast. The auctioneer egged us on with his fast talk that fed the competition between bidders. A simple nod of my head driven seemingly by the autonomatic nerve centers in my upper spine doubled my bid. Then the other man bid again and the auctioneer looked at me. He beckoned me with the promise of winning if I would just keep bidding.
I backed down, but I had never felt so good about losing. I got to indulge in the fun of bidding and now on the backside of the excitement I could congratulate myself for not letting my emotions sweep me away.

I won the next item I bid on. It was a rather weathered fairy tales book from the 1930s. Despite its outer damage I was able to salvage many pages of lovely vintage color illustrations from Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Puss In Boots, Tom Thumb, and Goldilocks. I adore fairy tales and I'm hoping that artisans will be able to breathe fresh life into these darling vintage illustrations.

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Little Red Riding Hood vintage illustrations
Vintage Cinderella illustrations
Goldilocks, Puss In Boots, and Tom Thumb vintage illustrations

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