Friday, March 9, 2012

From the animal files - I witnessed a ground hog waking up

Yesterday afternoon I was working on writing my next novel Love Lost. I have a comfy little haven in my basement where my home office is. I was lounging on my futon with my cat, typing away. (Is that not shamelessly stereotypical?) Suddenly I heard a thump in the window directly in front of me. My basement windows are below ground with concrete wells around them outside. Looking up at the thump, I was startled to see a bewildered critter pressed against the glass. He floundered a bit in the deep layers of leaves and then hopped out on the edge of the window well.

I got up and looked at him. He was definitely a ground hog. Neither cute nor inspiring, just a dull shaggy varmint, blinking at the daylight in confusion. I enjoyed the few seconds of viewing of him from a mere few feet away through the glass. Seeing a wild animal that up close is quite rare. I did not have time to take a picture because he soon shuffled off.

I went outside to investigate the place of his emergence. I did not find a tunnel, but we had an extraordinarily mild winter this year and he might have snoozed away the season in that window well insulated by about 12 inches of dried leaves. I also found in the leaf pile a mummified frog. I'm not so sure that he will come back to life.

It appears that spring has definitely sprung!