Sunday, March 4, 2012

Good ratings at iTunes starting to come in for fantasy podcast

I visited the page at iTunes today where people can listen to and subscribe to the podcast of the Union of Renegades audiobook. Every chapter of my novel is an audio chapter that is being serialized through Podiobooks. I noticed that the podcast had finally gotten some ratings and comments. Thankfully they were positive.

GetKat rated it 4 stars and commented:  
"Wonderful storyline and well drawn's nice to see a strong female character as well!"

(I'm pleased to finally get a piece of positive feedback about my poor beleaguered character Miranda who often irks readers. I think this reflects real life because strong females tend to be misunderstood and given no sympathy.)

Chic Chester rated the podcast 5 stars and really enjoyed the narrator Chris Snelgrove.
"I love this story so far!! I'm sucked in and don't want it to end!! Keep up the great stories and I love Chris's voice acting it rocks!!"

To listen and subscribe to the Union of Renegades podcast, visit iTunes. Twenty five chapters are up so far, and there's 15 more to go.

If you would like to purchase the complete Union of Renegades audiobook in mp3 format for $8.95 please visit Brave Luck Books.