Monday, March 5, 2012

Maps, maps, maps!

I apologize for being so slow about publishing maps of my fantasy world in The Rys Chronicles and Rys Rising series. I've never been happy with the maps I made, but here they are. Maybe someday I will find a way to produce some prettier ones.

The print versions of The Rys Chronicles include their maps, and I am halfway through the process of adding the images to all the ebook versions.

Maps for The Rys Chronicles

The eastern world of Ektren including Atrophane, its imperial possessions, and the Wilderness
The western world of Gyhwen, including the tribal kingdoms and the Jingten Valley
Nufal as presented in the novels Judgment Rising and The Borderlands of Power
Maps for the Rys Rising series

Ancient Nufal when the tabre ruled

The western world of ancient Gyhwen and the tribal kingdoms
I have also added these maps to the Brave Luck Books website.