Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Religion in hardcover and paperback

New Religion: Rys Rising Book III now available as a print-on-demand book at Lulu
I recently completed building the hardcover and paperback versions of my newest fantasy novel New Religion. I have added the files to the system at Lulu. As I've mentioned before, my books are long and most of the price on the printed books comes from the production costs, which are high with print-on-demand services. Like the other novels in the series, I have priced the hardcover at $24 and the paperback at $15. I only make a dollar and some change off of each purchase.

Because selling ebooks is vastly easier for all involved and allows for better pricepoints, I only set up these POD versions for a couple reasons. I have some books printed for myself, specifically the hardcovers. The casewrap style hardcovers come out beautifully if I say so myself. I also need TWO copies of the novel for completing my copyright registration with the U.S. Government. Why the copyright registration office needs two copies I can't imagine. The office says it sends one to the Library of Congress for possible cataloging, but who cares about that? I believe that there is a huge incinerator at this temple of bureaucracy and they burn all the hundreds of thousands of books streaming in every year to heat and power the building. Oh, scratch that, they probably just burn the books and don't even harvest the energy. That would be properly wasteful.

Although readers generally consume and enjoy my ebook versions, if you personally want a print copy of any book in the Rys Rising series, please visit my page at Lulu. They run coupon sales sometimes so I'll try to remember to post those codes here when they come up if any readers want to obtain hardcovers or paperbacks.

Please note that Lulu will be the only source at this time for Rys Rising novels in print. I have not bothered with print distribution to retail channels because I would just have to raise the price to give a retailer a cut and I do not believe that would allow me to maintain anything approaching a reasonable pricepoint.